U.S: Give Taiwan the Constant Arms Sales to Deter China


Addressing to a group of businesspeople and American elites at the American Enterprise Institute, the head of US Indo-pacific commander explain one of most important strategies to deter China that ” we should give the Taiwan with arms sales constantly as well as help developing its capacity to deter China”.

It is should be remembered that the U.S and Taiwan have contracted a $62 billions within 10 years in Trump’s administration. The contract was the result of the toughest American policy against China and aims at containing China. We also should keep in mind that under Trump’s administration, U.S have tried to take the major industrial sectors out of China as well as banned from transforming the technology to China.

Henry Kissinger said that ” Taiwan is the core interest for China, but a sphere of influence of the America”. China wants to unify Taiwan and expands its influence to the far seas and oceans to counter U.S-military bases in the Pacific oceans and secure itself security as well as taking the position as the superpower.

U.S views Taiwan as the most important geostrategy in which it could deter and trouble China. In addition, Taiwan is one of strategic games that is being us to bargain power and interest with China. China views Taiwan as the most important water gates for it to bypass to become the superpower.

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