U.S. Foreign Policy: the scenarios to lead the world and 4Ps


The US through her 4ps foreign policy reflects that its interest is about international engagement. Power is the most important that enable the US to force other nations to act in its own ways and serve her interest. It can be seen through its military might, its allies, and geopolitics, military interventions, and deterrence. The second P is prosperity which is its economic mighty. The US has its scenarios of leading the world economy long the time ago.  It can play the economic game to weaken other nations’, use its banking system to help her economy and sanction against any nation that challenges to her interest.

The third P is the peace which means through her soft power and diplomacy strength to ensure peace, stability, and order in internationally and against any country that harms the weak by using international law. The fourth P is its principles, democratic idealism, values, and belief that it can use to stand for the world conscience to achieve her goal of world democratization.  Through these policies, US can assert herself as superpower even though not forever but at least not easy to win. And US can assert itself as the international law implementer.

The U.S views Russia as an aggressor that tries to against U.S’s effort in setting up the new global order, intervene its neighboring states’ affairs, supporting the states that do not accept U.S principles, helping Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, using its military power to threaten to neighboring states, and vetoes the U.N sanctions. For U.S,  Russian behaviors are very aggressive and abusive to the international law. To the western and some American politicians even regards these behaviors as an effort to rebuild Russian empire like USSR.

Russian aircraft, the naval force now is active in the west and in the Black Sea Ocean, and Russia shows its military power by modernizing the weapons, military exercise, and mobilizing its military to western which make great concern. In the Cold War USSR maneuvered in Europe, in Middle East, Africa, south Asia, and in Indochina.  And in 2016, Putin even declared that Russia will reconsider about putting its military bases in Vietnam and Cuba as it did during the Cold War.

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimea which caused the tension. The U.S responded by economic sanction. Russia tries to show its military might and threat to the global order and the European order. Putin said that the Russian military from now is able to intervene any part of the world. In 2016 the U.S president election, they even accused Putin of Russia of hacking and intervention in the U.S election’s affair which responded by vice president that it will take action against Russia by hacking its secret information.

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