U.S Could Attack China to Destroy its bases and Islands in South China Sea


There are three stages of U.S-China tensions development. First, China has always been soft on negotiating for better Sino-US relations. “Negotiations must be held at all levels, all areas, and at all times.” This is called the Tai Chi martial arts, uses the softness to defeat the hardness, and overcomes psychological domination. China has shown its goodwill to the world that China is gentle and a peaceful nation.

Second, China rejects the new form of Cold War between the United States and China. “China is not the former Soviet Union.” China is trying to prevent other countries from joining the United States in anti-China movements.

Third, China warns, “It’s extremely dangerous if the United States continues to force China to retaliate. China is ready.” However, the experts warned that if the tensions reach the highest levels, U.S could attack China in the South China Sea to destroy Chinese bases and artificial islands where China has hidden and deployed the massive weapons. U.S feel that if it can’t control the region, so China. If they can kill this poisonous snake who is sleeping in the sea to gain more poison, they will kill. The matter is whether this snake will be brave enough to throw its poisons to U.S bases in Indo-Pacific.

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