U.S.-China Rivalry in ASEAN: the American ways of domination


The comprehensive rivalry between the United States and China is now being played out on a global stage. The main focus of the competition is the vast Indo-Asian-Pacific region, which is centered in Southeast Asia. In the region, both the US and China have comparative advantages. Beijing’s advantages are primarily economic and diplomatic in nature, whereas Washington’s are more varied. The two powers are more and more trapped in a classic strategic competition, but the region’s dominant media narrative claims that China is gaining the upper hand. While this trend toward Beijing has become a meme, it isn’t empirically correct, as the US still has significant overall advantages. Here are the main US strategies to dominate the regions:

(The American and Chinese presidents)
  1. Using International law and democracy as a political and geopolitical weapons

America uses international law, democracy, and human rights as the geopolitical weapons to dominate the world and fight others. America can accuse any country under the pretext of protecting human rights, democracy and international law. More than 20 countries have been destroyed under these reasons. In other words, America considers itself to have a moral duty to protect human rights and international law. In general, America uses international law and human right in three ways: 1. To put pressure and accuse his enemies, 2. To promote human rights and democracy and 3. To expand its power even stronger.

2. Expanding and maintaining its position as the superpower

America has defined three major geopolitics to maintain its superpower, and to achieve these three geopolitical position, dozens of wars have been erupted. The three geopolitics are:

a. Controlling the Atlantic (America successfully controlled it after world war 2 and cold war through the creation of NATO).

b. Controlling the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East: The United States went to war, supported wars, killed commanders and pursued terrorist attacks to dominate the region. By 2019, US enemies in the region had begun to weaken, with only Russia and Iran remaining as major rivals there. To weaken Iran, US has sanctioned continuously and assassinated its commander. In 2018 and 2019, US strategists considered Russia a serious threat and must be dealt with immediately. So the US must strategically weaken Russia and destroy Russia’s dreams and ambitions by pushing Ukraine into NATO. Now America has enough reason to push Russia to the bottom.

c. Dominating the Asia Pacific to dominate the world: In Asia Pacific, America has defined China as its biggest enemy and longest-term competitor and defined North Korea as a dangerous threat. Here America has used three strategies to undermine China’s power: 1. Forming alliances with the biggest enemies of China, 2. Forming partnership with ASEAN countries having issues with China in the South China Sea as an excuse to compete and expand their military presence and 3. Continuing selling weapons and help strengthen Taiwan’s economy.

The Countries close to China such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been going under the greatest chaos and crises incited by The US. The US will do everything to contain China.

A highly recommended political book ” Three Kingdoms of the New Century”

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