“Two more years”, the crowd chanted as DeSantis smiled


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis  won reelection with a landslide victory on Tuesday night, fueling talk of a 2024 presidential run as hopes for a massive red wave began to fade.

With many Republicans eager to replace former President Trump and citing the Florida governor as their preferred alternative, DeSantis has emerged in recent months as a favorite of the conservative movement.

DeSantis defeated former governor Charlie Crist (D) on Tuesday with a margin of roughly 1.5 million votes and nearly 20 points, and even won Miami-Dade County, a traditionally Democratic stronghold.

DeSantis used his victory speech to praise the result as a confirmation of his agenda and the conservative movement, but his supporters had other ideas.

As DeSantis grinned and the crowd chanted, “Two more years!” they were hinting that he might leave the governor’s mansion to run for president.

Beyond his own resounding victory, DeSantis contributed to Republican victories in House contests throughout the state by initially rejecting a redrew congressional map from state lawmakers and later approving one that favored Republicans more.

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