Trump seems no confidence to win Biden and Kamala Harris


Trump hopes that the nationalism and fighting China can help him to win the election. In his campaign, Trump seems no much good ideas or words to provoke people to think. Most of previous American Leaders were very wise, has many philosophies, visions and far-sighted to talk to people to gain support. Unlike those leaders, Trump very often uses the very nationalist words against China, and tries to bring down the opponents’ reputations, and boost himself. Trump feels that only him that clever and smart enough to win China. But this idea is totally wrong. There are many scholars and politicians that are more capable than Trump. In addition, Trump has to know that he couldn’t hold the power more than two terms as Xi Jinping.

Now, Trump face the two strong-minded Biden and Harris who each of them are very well-known and capable. They both earn the respect domestically especially among educated and high ranking American folks, and internationally. Obama, Clinton, and many scholars are already supports the two candidates. If both of them will win, it is new historical movement for US that has the president as the man and vice president as woman. This is would be very great also to promote the equality in American society. They both are matured enough. Trump feels it is harder for him to win. Therefore, Trump has to try to lower down their capacity and reputation in the hope that he will be seen as the most prominent and suitable candidate.

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