Trump seeks to regain the support in party congress?


Defeated by Joe Biden in opinion poll, President Donald Trump expects this week’s party congress will give him a chance to win back his opponent on the day of the November 3, 2020 US presidential election. The Republican Congress is set to open on Monday, August 24 and close on Thursday, August 27 in North Carolina.

The meeting to nominate the US presidential candidates of the two major parties takes place over the same four days. Last week, Joe Biden became the Democratic candidate, and this week it is the turn of Donald Trump to run for the Republican Party.

Due to Covid-19, the Democrats organized the program through video conference 100%. Candidate Joe Biden and all party dignitaries did not move to the venue. For the Republican Party, which opens Monday, Aug. 24 in North Carolina and Florida, much of the program will go online too.

But president Trump will travel to Congress directly in Charlotte, North Carolina, with more than 300 Republican delegates waiting.

And contrary to the previous Congress where the presidential candidate has to speak only once and on the closing day, the presidential candidate Donald Trump will appear and speak every day at Congress

With less support than Joe Biden in the poll, Trump expects the Congress will increase its popularity and regaining its support back. But do not know how he can keep his mind, speak and unite the party.

And the day before the congress, the scandalous news came down again and again: On Saturday, Mr. Trump’s sister considered Trump as a liar, ruthless, unprincipled. On Sunday, a political adviser the held the campaign in the presidential election 2016 announced his resignation.

Kellyanne Conway, considered one of the most influential people who defended Donald Trump in all circumstances, announced her resignation for the reason that the family has to take care of four children. She announced her resignation after her 15-year-old daughter tweeted that her role as a mother was ruining her life. She has a Republican husband, but wants to see Mr. Tram fail.

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