Trump latest news: An Analysis on his ways to regain support


Trump and Joe Biden are competing to lead the America and shape it as well as the world to the ways that both of them think it will be good. They want to apply their thoughts to generate the reality and results. Politics is about having the power to apply their ideas and to make sure that they will earn the support. In his last four years, the world and America has seen the U.S and the world under Trump’s thought. Some people can accept the results, while others absolutely unhappy with what Trump has been doing so far. In the public poll for the upcoming election shows that Joe Biden is going to win. The news forces Trump and his co-workers to think seriously on what to do to win.

  1. Trump is trying to help Israel to normalize the relationship with United Arab Emirate, and then sent his Mike Pompeo to visit Middle East for seeking more partners for Israel and selling weapons. This strategy, Trump hopes that he will earn support from American-Jews and majority of Americans.
  2. Trumps is showing the aspiration to reduce the economic tension with China. In the upcoming negotiation, Trump hopes he can export more to China for restoring the economic down turn that has caused by Covid-19. Xi also needs to restore his economy.
  3. Trump promises to produce the Anti-Covid-19 vaccine successfully before the election is coming.
  4. Contrast to Joe who held the party congress seems quietly, Trump is trying to use Social medias and party congress as the big campaign to earn the support. Trump and his wife, daughters, co-workers, are having present at the party congress and deliver the speeches every day. Unlikely to previous candidates that speak only one time at the closing day, Trump speaks everyday. However, there are many issues that Trump is able to resolve.
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