Trump has lost many commanders in the five frontiers


There are five important wars that Trump and his administration are struggling to fight and win. In these five main frontiers are very hard and it take long times and challenges. The fives wars I mention here are ,1. Re-election as the president in his second term to continue other battles. In this war, Trump has to fight the famous Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In the first battle, Trump lost many generals who resigned for some reasons. Those generals are very important for him in the upcoming fight in November.

2. Trump has a very big frontier in contesting for the supremacy in Indo-Pacific with China. This is the very long term war which is fought for the influence, power, interest, and the supremacy in the world. Trump has started to burn the Chinese food (trade war) and cut the connection and supply chains ( technology , information, and force other nations to against China) , and gathered the allies and mobilized the military to counter-China. One of the most important Generals, Shinzo Abe, resigned due to the health problem, and some generals has lost confidence in Trump.

3. The third frontier, Trump has to fight to restore the economy back. Corona has destroyed the global economy and claimed almost million lives. U.S as the global leader has suffered heavier that others which nearly 1000 lives are claimed daily. Trump has to restore the economy and produce the Vaccine before the election will be conducted. In this war, Trump has lost a lot of partners and spent so much.

4. Trump has the very fearsome enemy. This enemy has fought with U.S since the Cold War until today. U.S has tried to expand the NATO and Invade the Middle East to weaken the enemy. Now, Russia which is considered by U.S as the second biggest enemy that can pose the threat to U.S and its allies’ interests and security is getting stronger and more powerful.

5. The Middle East frontier and Iranian Nuclear Program. In this war, Trump has lost the support from friends internationally. Trump is trying to weaken the Iran by sanctions, killing Iranian commander, expand its military and cooperation, and help Israel to normalization with other nations. Every frontier is very hard for Trump to win.

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