Trump Could Commit the Very Terrible Mistakes Just for Reelection


Stephen Hahn, director of U.S medical agency, said it is possible that his agency would decide on a license for any Covid-19 vaccine, although a third testing has not yet fruitful.

However, the director of the US medical agency claimed that it is an urgent and special procedure that his institution must carefully analyze before granting a license. Another is that vaccines that can be licensed immediately can only be used on certain groups of people who are at risk or who need the vaccine first.

Stephen Hahn also commented on criticism that he had come under pressure from Donald Trump to get the Convid-19 vaccine before the November election to help Trump win the re-election. The director of the American Medicines Agency claims that in the case of emergency licensing of any vaccine, his institution decides on the basis of scientific and medical principles, not politics.

Please note that there are currently three vaccines that are in the third phase of testing and registered for licensing in the United States. These include vaccines researched by AstraZeneca Laboratory in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Moderna Laboratory Vaccines in collaboration with the American Institutes of Health, and third vaccines by Pfizer Laboratory and BioNtech Laboratory. However, large-scale testing results on thousands of people in the third phase are not yet available, with months to come.

It should also be noted that the director of the American Medical Agency has been criticized many times for the vague work under pressure from the White House. In late March, after Donald Trump praised about the hydroxychloroquine , the director decided to allow the drug to be used on covid-19 patients.

It was later banned in June after being found to be ineffective and had serious consequences for patients. In another case, the director of the American Medicines Agency exaggerated at a news conference with Donald Trump behind the effects of plasma, which is known to help cure Covid 19. He later admitted that it was confusing.

Eric Topol, director general of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, wrote on Twitter that the licensing of vaccines in a rush was dangerous and unreasonable, whether or not Stephen Hahn obeyed the order from Donald Trump.

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