Trump and His Wife Positive for the Covid-19? An Analysis


President Trump declared that he and his wife tested positively for the coronavirus. The news surprising the world attentions. Trump and Biden are in the process of the presidential debates which had conducted for the first time already on the 30 of September. In the debate, the public showed their embarrasses of what the national leader did. The declination of the morality of the national leader will exactly down the national pride and prestige in internationally. They are, Joe and Trump, preparing for the upcoming debate. However, It is very surprised that Donald Trump declared he and his wife tested positively for Coronavirus. True? If not True, For What? Why?

President Donald Trump wears a face mask as he tours the American Red Cross national headquarters in Washington, Thursday, July 30, 2020. (Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool)

First, the majority doubt that Trump is faking the news to avoid the upcoming presidential debate. Trump did its now well at all and felt shameful about this. Trump is scare of losing the debate. Then he will have the excuse for losing the debate or election.

Second, Trump is faking it and pretend to treat it as soon as possible. Then he will declare that he is recovered. He is better to prove the words that he said the coronavirus is not very serious. It can be treated and recovered. He wants to prove that it is not a big deal.

Third, Trump is finding an excuse to avoid the election and ask for delaying the upcoming election. However, if he is lying the public, what next should be done? When the truth is opened, how shameful he is? Now, people are waiting to see the proof. They don’t believe what Trump said. The News is surprising the world. If Trump is lying, Ok, he is make the world history of lying. If Trump is saying the Truth, it also the world history of the world leader of the great nation to positive for this virus.

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