Trade War with China: What Trump wants?


China’s economic growth has accelerated since the opening up and reforms under Deng Xiaoping since 1978. Economic growth jumped up very high again when China joined the World Trade Organization.The collapse of Eastern Europe and the successful transformation of those countries into democracies in the 1980s led the United States to be optimistic that opening the door to China to join the WTO could lead China to transform its political system, and the United States will also benefit greatly from doing business with China.

The United States has tried to force China to change its systems once by initiating a student and workers’ demonstration for democracy in Tiananmen Square in 1989, but this has failed miserably.

President Bill Clinton spoke optimistically of China’s opening of the door to global economic integration, “the most important opportunity to bring about positive change for China since the 1970s.” On the contrary, from then until the current Chinese President, Xi Jinping, China has become more confident in its systems. Especially under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has played very important roles, and China’s power and influence has steadily increased in the international arena in almost every fields.

Economic influence, military strengthening and modernization, cultural influence, rapid development of technology, especially artificial intelligence and diplomatic influence, China’s continued internal reforms are a sign to the United States that “China will become the world’s number one replace the US.”

Beijing has sought to expand its market, both domestically and globally, focusing on key technologies that will be the basis for future economic, industrial and manufacturing growth.

The United States sees China’s rapid growth in these areas as a threat to its interests and security. The United States also sees China’s rapid growth as China adheres to unfair trade practice, such as intellectual property infringement, forcing foreign companies to transfer technology, and the Chinese government support Chinese companies and stealing American technology.

The “Made in China 2025” plan is the biggest danger for the United States because China has ambitions to expand its influence in the world market due to the fact that China has more labor forces and lower wages than the United States. China has rare materials which have made Chinese sales to the world market have risen sharply, and in particular China is trying to reduce imports and boost domestic consumption.

Chinese great achievements make US feel worried and unhappy. So Trump decided to beat China sharply with many fields to make sure that China will lose in the long term competition.

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