Three Kingdoms of the New Century: Principle is the foundation of National Interest


“Principles are a crucial foundation for safeguarding the nation’s interests and power. Cao Cao detained the king and commanded the warlords, while the United States has acted as the defender of international law and democracy. The main thing is that you must utilize reasonable ways and justifications to demonstrate that your acts are legal and that others’ activities are illegal. If China wishes to compete with the United States for global leadership for a long period, it must persuade the world by using any universal principles and values”.

Although power and interests are national goals in international politics, principles remain a rational method and a solid foundation for securing national interests. Strategy must face off against strategy, reason must face off against reason, and principle must face off against principle. What matters is which principle can reach a wider audience. What are the values that have the potential to gain both support and power?

Following WWII, the United States sought to establish a new international order, attempting to push NATO closer to the siege in order to deny Russia a chance to rebuild itself after cold war, and entered the Middle East and African wars to overthrow tyrants and seize huge natural resources. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the US attempted to intensify the war on terror in Central Asia and the Middle East, posing a severe threat to China’s and Russia’s security and interests. The US can use international law, human rights, democratic to invade, or use its intelligence agencies to incite, cause unrest first and then invade later. For example, the war against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, the war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the war against Bashar Assad in Syria, on. (To be continued )

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