Three Global Epidemics: Covid-19, Trade War, and Global Supremacy


There are three most deadly epidemics that are plaguing the global economy in the long and short term: A) Widespread virus of trade war B. Corona virus or Covid-19 , C. Supremacy between the US-China viruses, which is the world’s number one power, has caused global tensions and worries. The epidemic of trade war has slowed global economic growth and caused global concern. Corona, on the other hand, has caused the whole world to suffer greatly due to the sharp rise in deaths and infections, the closure of the economy, the closure of travel and, in particular, the people are forced to be isolated.

This epidemic of corona virus has caused the global infection and caused the great damage and suffering to the whole of humanity. The Measures to prevent the spread of corona has hit the global economy seriously. The global economy will shrink by about 3%, more severely affected than the global financial crisis. More than 500 million people will fall into poverty and could pull the global economy back in about 30 years, according to the United Nations.

The US-China competition for the world supremacy brings the world into uncertainty, tensions, and down the world economy which is already declined due to corona virus and trade war. The supremacy virus has brought many countries to engage in many fields.

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