They incite other countries to hate China, but they are doing business with China


There are some countries incited small countries to hate China, but those countries are doing business with China and supporting China more than those small nations for the benefit of their countries. Since the United States, the European Union and some ASEAN member countries have ridiculed small countries of taking side with China, but they not only do business with China, but try to support China more than those small countries.

They should know that only them that need to protect their national interests, but every small nation need to survive. All countries should have the freedom of investment and doing business for the purposes of their national interests, not as the games for their powers. China is not the bad country. China is like all other countries. If you well come China, China also will welcome you back. If you respect China, China will respect you back. Those small countries that doing business with China also have the right to tell that those who can help them, they will cooperate with.

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