There will be serious competition between US and China, Lee Kuan Yew


Lee Kuan Yew was a great man with deep-insight whose wisdom was internationally recognized and sought. He was the father of Singapore and brought it from the poorest to the richest country. He increased the Per Capita income from 500 $ to 55,000 $ per year. He made Singapore became the “model society” which focused on the justness, fairness and clean of government, the highly-educated and disciplined citizenship that uphold the responsibility for their destiny, family and national dignity. Singapore became the intellectual and technological center of the regions and has been attractive from the international community.

Lee shared his insight with almost all leaders around the world. The world, especially the US and China, are benefitting from his wisdom. Lee was also the man that differentiated between the “Asian Values” and “Western Values”. Lee also wrote few books when he was a mentor minister to share his experiences and his views on the world. Graham Allison wrote a book with the great regard to him which entitled “Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World”.

Chinese leaders from Deng Xiaoping to the present president Xi Jinping has learned from Lee. Xi regards him as “our senior who has our respect”. Lee also shared with Deng about “open the door to the world for foreign investment”. Through his visits, dialogues with Chinese leaders from the top to down, and observations, Lee could be the best man who understood China’s nature of strategic calculations.

Lee said that “China has the intention to be the greatest power from the number # 1 in Asia and in the world when the time come and power grow, because it has the culture of over 4000 years old, 1.3 billion population, many of great talent - a huge and very talented pool to draw from,   and “China wants to share the so co-equal to the United States”. But he also argued that China “does not hurry to replace US” “it needs time to growth” “build up to catch up or overtake” and “does not want to bear burden and confront the US” and “China wants to be China and accepted as such, not as an honorary member of the West”. He also said that ” there will be very serious competition between US and China.


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