The World Leaders should Take Serious and Urgent Measures


Let me share with you my deepest concern and I think will be the shared care of the whole world we are living in. The article is also writing to call for the great attention from the world to take urgent and serious measures to take the best cares of the world we are living in , the planet. I also as one of the members of world would calling for world leaders to respect for and adhere to Sustainable Development Goals scrupulously and firmly. The goals, in my point of views, is easy to achieve if we can persuade the whole world to bear these concerns in their minds. Admittedly, the hardest thing is to persuade the world.

”We are determined to protect and prevent the planet from degradation and destruction, to encourage for the sustainable consumption and productions ” SDGs stated. The compulsory measures needed to be applied to realize the goals. In contradiction, Various destructive activities are conducted worldwide and everywhere. The deforestation and land-clearing for farming land were expanded rapidly. Just for 30 years, the world has lost over 420 million hectares of the forest by deforestation and land-clearing for farming. Air and ocean pollution are spreading dramatically and sadly.

We all are going to experience the changes that ever seen. The places used to have much rain will be less. The places where there has no rain will be in flood. The ices are melting. Various viruses are emerging and transmitting from animals to human from human to human. The climate change will be very extreme, too hot, too cold, too rainy and too drought. It is not overstating or exaggerating. The realities that we will face if we do not take care about the planet and Climate Change.

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