The US power: US never Tolerate and Forgive the Aggressors


His predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt, even went on and beyond his principles about the New World Order. He had a strong belief in American principles that they can win the world and can create the new world order. He very often echoed the Wilsonian principles and more emphasized the US obligations and rightness of its ideals. America will act as the friend of all nations, not as the foe.   But America never forgives the aggressors. He met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and expressed their common ambition for new world order. They wished to establish the permanent system of international peace.

The common principles were “the right of the people to choose their leaders, the freedom from fear and want, the end of territorial encroachment, the abandon of using force, and the establishment of a wider and permanent system of general security. They both were very well-known of the ambition of new world order”. To Roosevelt, the international order has to build on the basis of personal trust. “The kind of world order which we the peace-loving Nations must achieve, must depend essentially on friendly human relations, on acquaintance, on tolerance, on unassailable sincerity and good will and good faith”. The United Nations was given the birth during his terms as the president for the purpose of New World Order.

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