The US power: the Ambition to be the Global Leader


The vision of New World Order has a long history and plan but has not existed yet.  It reflected the US ambition of foreign policies to dominate the world. The great result today, there must be a great effort and plan yesterday. A great nation today, there must be a great ambition, effort and plan wisely long time ago. To be the world leading nation, it must be better and stronger than any nation in the world. To make sure its principles are accepted, it must has enough power to influence others and its principles are just and acceptable. 

American leaders wanted to be the superpower, which means control the resources and energy, control the land, oceans and space, control the man and lead the world global system, was clear in the time of President Theodore Roosevelt. That was him that engaged and trapped America in international affairs.  There were two contradictory attitudes toward American foreign policies, the isolationist and the globalist, as its power grew.

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