The US Geopolitics: the combination of all geopolitical significance


The factors that make the US stronger and will be stronger are the geography and geopolitical powers, the US is world’s third-largest country by size after Russia and Canada and by population after China and India. Located between the two largest oceans that full of resources and bordering with the weak countries, the US is easier to invade others and empower itself, but never possible to be invaded or harmed by any country. The two oceans and the vast land that full of resources and biology had the very bitter history like any country in the world. She used to be colonized by European countries over centuries until 1776.

When Britain, France, Span, Dutch, and Portugal were the most powerful, US was the land of conflicts between these countries competed for power and resources. The very often that these countries had the fighting, the luckier the US was. Gaining independence, US founders had the vision to become the superpower while those of European countries declared wars against each other, ruined in the economy, lives, resources, cities, and the social disorder. In order to become the superpower, US must expand the size of the land, economy, military, and power of intelligence. As William Seward said “all prosperous nations, must expand”. Step by a careful-step, US moved its border and annexed the colonized processions, settled the border with Canada and Mexico as it favored  and bargained to buy the Alaska from Russia in the 19th  century, united 37 more states and controlled the whole of its present land in 1912. It was two years before entering into the First World War. 

          In 1904, a British geographer, Halford Mackinder, presented a series of geopolitics to the Royal Geographic Society in London under the title ‘The Geographical Pivot of History.’ Almost a century later, American security adviser and strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski presented the same concept which guided American global strategy. Geography is very important. It determines the national security, strategy, and power. It is hard to become the superpower if you are bad at geopolitics. The real power has no vacuum. As George Friedman said, in the past five hundred years, Europe was the center of the international system. The North Atlantic was considered to be the most important to access to Europe and the world. Those who controlled Atlantic will control the world.

In the 1980s the transpacific trade became more important than Atlantic for the economic and geopolitical reason. And in 19th century Britain dominated the world because it controlled the sea.  North American play more important role and replaced Europe as the center of the world power. Whoever dominated North American will dominate the global power. Now, that is US that controlling the combination of all these important geopolitics. The aptitude of geopolitics gives the US navy power to ship around the world. The geopolitics will allow the US to dominate the world that there is no any country in the world ever reached such geopolitical power. In addition to these major powers, the US is leading and advancing in technology, science, intelligence and researching.

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