The US and China Strategies: A2 VS A2


US and China are the two greatest powers with the greatest potentialities of this century. They are also the greatest competitors in which the contesting for supremacy between them are tensed and provoked. Each considers another as the cause of problems and tensions. They are looking at each other carefully and tempting and forming their own ways. Both of them are the wisest and the most ambitions. Numerous scholars pay most of their attentions to these two rivals. To sum up their strategies, the 2A vs 2A are most important factors to be learned.

(Joe Biden VS Xi Jinping)

The US’ A2 strategy can be understood as following:

-A1: responsible for ” Allies’. The forming of ally has been the crucial parts of US history and successfulness. No matter how strong it is, US always goes with its allies. One of its main strategies is ” go first to the places where the tensions taking places with the most of men”.

The Second A responsible for ” Allege or Accuse”. Whoever wishes to be US’ enemy will be definitely accused of abusing ” human right, dictatorship, aggressiveness, and un-democracy”. This is how the US becomes the superpower.

The Chinese A2 strategy is “Anti-Access”. There are two meanings. First of all, the Anti-access toward US is that ” China is trying to draw back and keep US’ navies as far as possible”. The second of all, the Anti-Access for other countries is that ” China would not give the access to its market for those whose interests are against Chinese”.

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