The Senator advices Elon musk to Focus on Earth not on Space


A US senator Bernie Sanders on Monday advice that “Musk should focus on the earth rather than on Space”. He said that ” Space travel is an creative and amazing ideas. But right now, the society and the world is facing the difficulties. We should try to do any to prevent our Children from hunger, and poor people from being homeless”. Sanders also the threat of U.S democracy owing to the high inequality rate that has grown rapidly. There are two critical movements of the U.S now: the rising of China and the declination of the US. In addition, the Covid-19 is destroy the American Economy and System.

Sanders also stated that Elon Musk’s massive wealth and spending as “immoral and unsustainable”. He stated that U.S now in the critical movement. The only two people hold more than 40 percent of wealth of Bottom Americans. He call on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to care for the people in society. For him, they should use their massive wealth to help restore the economy and help the people.

Elon Musk replied on tweeter that ” I am accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars”. Elon Musk is the richest man after his Space X company has been succeeded its plans. He surpassed Jeff Bozos, the founder of Amazon, as the richest man in the world . According to Forbes, Musk is worth $167.5 billion.

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