The Russia’s Strategic Thinking


“We are sliding into the times when, instead of the balance of interests and mutual guarantees, it is fear and the balance of mutual destruction that prevent nations from engaging in direct conflict”, the Putin of Russia said at Valdai Club.

Russia’s military is the most powerful but it is the weak and insecure country. Russian strategists and politicians struggle to be equal and recognized by showing the aggression but provoking the sanctions.  Historically, Russia is the world most dignified that saved the world four times and the home of Communism. Russia is the largest country when it was able to survive from Mongolia and continued its expansion policy in all directions. Russia depends on service and the gas and gives too much priority to weaponry development and competition.  Russian people are brave and prefer to die or to starve their selves for the survival of their country. Under Putin, Russia is more active in military and politics.

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