The Russia and its People in the Mission of Saving the World


Looking back the history, Russia was the most powerful country with its great continuity of expansion in all directions and great victories over the four greatest empires that tried to conquer the world. In 13th century, Mongolia invaded China and Central Asia, and included Russia. The Mongolian army was unstoppable and undefeatable. The Mongolian emperors wanted to conquer the world. Even the Europe also was subjected to be conquered. However, The Empire was ended by Russia. When the winter came, the Russian people burned their house and food. They would like to starve themselves before their enemy could use it.

The Mongolian Army was in the coldest temperature, no food, no shelters. The Mongolian men died because of these reasons. Russian men and people then used the heavy attack to destroy enemy. At the same reason, Russia defeated Swedish Emperor Chales XII in early 18th century, and defeated the Napoleon of France whom wanted to conquer the World in early 19 century. And the most important one was in the World War II. That was the Russia that won the World War II by defeated the Hitler. Then, the whole Europe was saved, the Asia was saved, and even the America.  These historical victory gives Russia the proud and dignity. It should be recognized that in Cold War Soviet was the homeland of Communism and the most powerful that conquered the large part of Europe and Asia.

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