The Nature of World Politics


Siddhartha was brought up and educated to be a great leader in a royal palace. Even his name also was given to have the connection with the political ambition. A very brilliant and talented young prince could learn everything from masters quickly whether soft or hard skills. When he grew up, Siddhartha viewed a position of a king as a state of prisoner and the world as the state of the conflict and suffering.

The future of Siddhartha was a great concern of the royal family. A very expert Brahmin name Asita was invited to bless on the first day of his birth. Hundreds of Brahmins were invited to give a name that could be a most powerful for his destination in the political position, fifth day after he was born. He was named Siddhartha which means “realization of all aims”. Eight talented Brahmins were selected to predict the future of Siddhartha in the same day. The predictors said that he would be a universal ruler or greatest master if he wishes. He was taught many skills to prepare for a future of great ruler. The young prince himself was able to make everyone surprised by his ability in learning those skills.

The concept of the world order emerged on the day of tiller festival. He started thinking and realizing the nature of the world while was sitting under a big tree. “A lizard came out from a hole and ate aunts. A snake ate that lizard. Then, an eagle caught and ate the snake”. The event brought him to think about what is the nature of the world. The strong and powerful people exploit and abuse the weak. The weak exploits and abuses a weaker. People create suffering and harming each other. Historically, people did like this. They are doing it in the present and even in the future. He realized that the nature of the world is in the state of conflict, disorder, and unrest. An individual competes with another for something. A state abuses another state for power or resources. Then, he continued thinking of the wholesome and unwholesome. The causes of problems and disasters are the absence of good qualities in people words, actions and thought. The unwholesome words, actions, and thoughts that have the desire, hatred, anger, are burning the world.

He saw the social disorder and injustice, social caste system, and the nature of life as it is, made him felt tired of becoming a king. He wanted to find the new way of life that can emancipate people from these things. It is absolutely wrong to say that Siddhartha escaped the world affairs. The people in the state of war cannot give a peaceful lessons to others. If he himself is seeking for power and fighting others for power, he could not say that he is fighting for peace and order. He would be viewed as a threat to the existence of others.

What are the Purposes in the mind of each of world leader to come to join the every international submit?

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