U.S Military: Almighty and Irreplaceable Power


The US stands as the most powerful military in the world with both modernizations of its equipment and military bases. The US military expenditure is responsible for the combination of the world military spending with over 800 military bases. The United States Armed Forces consist of the ArmyMarine CorpsNavyAir Force, and Coast Guard. Since the American decided to enter to the world affair it won two world wars and Cold war and put its old enemies under its security protection and safeguard its allies under its umbrella of the nuclear weapon. After defeating Japanese army by bombing two atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, US put Japan under its hands.

They (The US) built up the alliances and supported them almost everywhere, and took the opportunity to build up its military bases on the land of puppet states. In order to strengthen its power in Asia and prevent the influence of China from growing, US built the military bases and cooperated with Japan, Philippine, Australia, Inida, and so on. During the Cold war, US created SEATO against the spreading of the Communism in Asia and the Rio Treaty (with Latin American countries), as well as bilateral agreements with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Iran, and others. In Europe, US put its old bosses such as England, France, Spanish, and the whole Europe under its influence.

They (the Europe) has depended on US economic and military power to keep peace and prosperity. Through NATO, American trying to build up THAAD system that can provide the critical capability to defend against the short and medium raged balletic missiles. Indeed, its purpose is to push its power closer to Russia.

The NATO even added more members that closer to Russian borders, and trying to organize the order in the Middle East by supporting Israel openly and against its non-supporters. In the Middle East and Central Asia, US has been trying to force those nations to accept its will by creating the upheaval and crises in the regions and take the opportunity to control such as Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the war against terrorist and dictatorship in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria, Somalia. US Navy controls all the oceans of the world.

Whether it’s a junk in the South China Sea, a dhow off the African coast, a tanker in the Persian Gulf, or a cabin cruiser in the Caribbean, every ship in the world moves under the eyes of American satellites in space and its movement is guaranteed—or denied—at will by the U.S. Navy. The combined naval force of the rest of the world doesn’t come close to equaling that of the U.S. Navy.

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