The four main reasons to understand the today world politics

  • The realists believe that every state and individual persons inherent with the egoism and self-interest in which they will put their interest more important than morality. It is not new and strange that Donald Trump put “America First”. It is very obvious that all previous leaders put “their national interest first, but none has said it publicly as Trump”. Theory as mention was derived from what Thomas Hobbes called “the state of men is the state of war”, Machiavelli called “the ungrateful liar” and Thucydides required “the superior strengths” in the classical political realism. Thucydides described the human nature as “priority the self-interest over the morality”.
  • There is no international law or government that guarantees the survival of the other states. Therefore, the world is still in the anarchy state that leads to the situation in which the power is the most crucial actor o guarantee the survival and interest. The realists argue that the international arena is essentially just a self-help system. The international relations, in this view points, the conflict is unavoidable. Later scholars went on to extend that “the war can be avoided only when you are strong enough to defeat the enemy. Love peace, prepare for war”. Therefore, ability to generate and exercise power is the main factors of ensuring the stability, interest, security, and survival. Philosophically, realists believed that “the morality of the leaders is less important than the interest”. The leader as the actor of the state has to do it by “the reasons of the state”.
  • Since the state of the world is anarchic, the security is the central issue. Sun Tzu once wrote in his preamble of the Art of War that “the war is the matter of life and death. The ways of prosperity and decay”. Just in the 20th century, two world wars occurred and claimed a half hundred millions of life. In this sense, the world is still uncertainty; the threats are coming from surrounding and far areas, and the absence of the trustworthy international government to protect the common interest. Therefore, every state tries to increase the power and engage in the processes of balancing the power to deter the stronger and aggressor for the good of security. The rising of power of the other states can be viewed as the threats to others that urge the states have to modernize their defend systems as Thucydides observed in the war between Athens and Sparta. The rising of Athens is the threat of Sparta, he wrote.
  • The realist views the moral as the objection of the success in international politics. Unlike the idealists who believe in the universal morality and the norms of acting, the realist thinks that international politics is all about how to become the successful states and well-being of nations. There is no state that should sacrifice their interest just for the sake of morality. There is little place of morality to exist in the international politics. Ones can be treated equally or respected is not the result of moral standard that was applied, but as the consequence of power. Athenians argues that there is only right is the right of the stronger to dominate the weak.
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