The Covid19: Four possible ways to stop and recover the economy back


Corona is the global pandemic. We should cooperate and prevent immediately. It is not the issue of building ones’ own political capitol and political motivation, but it is a global issue. We should try these four possible ways:.

A. All governments must take strict actions to prevent the spread of the virus as soon as possible. The longer the virus lasts, the greater the damage.

B. The government and the central bank need to have budgets for economic recovery, lowering interest rates, easing taxes, especially strengthening production capacity and increasing consumption of domestic products and supply Chains.

C. the US-China tension was eased, normalizing the climate of investment and multilateral cooperation. Clearly identify the subject of tension and cooperate to solve this issue.

D. Each government must strengthen its own capacity for good governance, eradicate corruption, strengthen the monitoring of law enforcement, maintain social and political stability, and strengthen the capacity of citizens and officials.

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