The Best Log Cabin Near The Great Smoky Mountains!

Welcome to the area of this log cabin in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, United States, which is 1,512 square feet in size and includes two bedrooms, six beds, and three full bathrooms, you may begin making arrangements for your next trip.


The log cabin is located in the United States. There are a maximum of ten people who may reside in the log cabin at any one time.

The Living Area

The foyer is spacious and open, and on one side of it, some stairs go down to the basement and the loft. On the other hand, it has a bedroom that is situated on the main floor of the building.

The fireplace may be seen in the left foreground of the photograph for those who are paying close attention. It may be found in the great room, which is located directly across from the entrance of the log cabin.

In addition to being very stunning, the great room emits a feeling of coziness and warmth at the same time.

Because of the stone fireplace that is located on one wall and the great room windows that are located on the rear wall, you will have access to a spacious and magnificent area that is both rustic and friendly.


This is because the fireplace is positioned on one wall. Specifically, this is because these two components are combined.

One of the things that had a very significant effect on me was the fact that the chandelier that was made of antlers was placed in the middle of the room.

The ceiling is constructed by inserting extra wood into the chimney at the top, which results in the creation of the ceiling. A stone fireplace with a log mantel is complemented by this extension, which is also a stone fireplace.

There is a narrow passage that can be found to the right of the fireplace, and it leads to a bedroom and a bathroom that is located on the main level. This hallway is put in a convenient place for your convenience.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This bedroom is yet another magnificent area that has the potential to be turned into a master suite. It is especially appealing to you if you are presently caring for a young child.


The room provides you with the opportunity to store a rocking chair in the corner as well as a crib near the portion of the room that is designated for living. You can choose any of these two possibilities.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

If you are looking for a fantastic master bathroom, you should go for one that has a mix of elegant mirrors, handcrafted woodwork, and the standard conveniences of a vanity, toilet, and shower.


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