The Best Log Cabin In The Clouds, A Mountain Haven

Welcome to Log Cabin during your stay at this magnificent mountain property, you will have the opportunity to let your soul run free and explore the surrounding area.


This vacation rental log cabin is the place to be since it provides luxurious amenities, breathtaking views, and convenient proximity to the attractions that are available in the surrounding region

The Kitchen

There is a wonderful white deep farmhouse-style sink in the corner kitchen, as well as white log cabinets and worktops that are stunning. These wonderful features greet you as you enter the kitchen and greet you with their presence.

There is a large amount of storage space available in this room, and in addition to that, it is spacious and inviting.

If more seating is necessary, a rolling island provides a few additional chairs that may be employed as a breakfast nook or just for the preparation of meals.


The installation of stainless steel appliances not only gives the space a contemporary appearance but also makes it possible to have a rolling island.

Even though it is smaller than the kitchens in other log cabins, the kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you could desire.

The kitchen is outfitted with modern equipment that is made of stainless steel, a sizable sink that is positioned under the window, and a storage island that can be employed as either a breakfast nook or a bar for two people.

They have also constructed an entertainment center on the other side, which is also the wall where the television is located, which makes it easy for both locations. In addition to that, they have erected an entertainment center.

The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

In our opinion, one of the most appealing dining tables is the one that is made to seem like a picnic table.


Even though it is located just outside the living room and near the doors that lead to the outdoors, it has a convenient position that makes it very suitable for hosting several meals with the family as well as a game night with the children.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

By having the master bedroom, you will not only have access to a large bedroom, but you will also have access to a walk-in closet and a private balcony. In addition, you will have access to a private balcony.


The fact of the matter is that it is a gorgeous spot that you have the option of designating as the haven of your property.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

In addition to a rock gas fireplace, the outside deck has a hot tub that can seat four to five people, as well as a gas grill that is powered by propane.


If you want to cook s’mores at the open fire pit, you must remember to bring your graham crackers and marshmallows with you that you brought.

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