The Best Log Cabin Gable-Roofed With Fascinating

Welcome to Log Cabin it is highly recommended that you take a more in-depth look at this bathhouse which is created out of wood and has a circular diameter that is fairly tiny. The bathhouse is a wonderful example of craftsmanship.


Those who are staying at the Bath Cascade have access to a single room that provides them with a sitting area for their comfort.

The Living Area

Not only does the primary living room include cathedral ceilings, but it also has a fireplace that is situated on the wall that is directly opposite the wall windows.

Additionally, the living room is fairly open and spacious. The fact that this area is not only warm and welcoming, but also warm and inviting enough for the whole family to have a seat and rest makes it a very beautiful place to be.


It is possible to observe in the next photo that the kitchen is located directly under the lofted sitting area and is placed directly behind the living room. This is something that can be seen by the viewer.

In the case that you enter the log cabin from the front door, you will find yourself in the kitchen that you entered through.

The stairs may be reached directly via a door that is located on the other side of the log cabin. There is a connection between this entry and the side door.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bed frame in the master bedroom of the log cabin is constructed of dark wood, and it is positioned against the walls of the log cabin where the bedroom is situated.

There are also windows on both sides of the bed frame, which is another unique feature. Additionally, other windows have a little cushioned seat positioned under them for storage.

This bench is located beneath the windows. The master bedroom is a good alternative for the placement of this area because of its size, openness, and pleasant environment. These characteristics make it an ideal location.


The beauty that is present in the flooring is reflected in each of the tables that are positioned on either side of the bed on each side of the bed.

The addition of rustic reclaimed wood trim around the windows is an additional lovely rustic accent that contributes to the overall feel of the house.

The room is further enlarged by a basic top piece that is created out of drywall and contrasts with the wooden walls and ceilings. This component of the room is located in the upper portion of the room.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The bathroom is very amazing, and it has a mix of design elements that is so unique that it cannot be found anywhere else.


The walls that surround the bathtub and the shower, which are situated near the wood plank walls, are covered with a tile that is designed to seem like bricks on the surface.

Reclaimed wood doors are, without a doubt, an additional representation of the rustic beauty that, in some way, blends the one-of-a-kind appearance in a manner that is very lovely. This door is constructed of reclaimed wood.

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