The Best Log Cabin For Perfect Winter Getaway

Welcome to Log Cabin In Levi, Finland, one may take advantage of the opportunity to spend their holiday in a rustic log cabin, which is almost certainly the most pleasant thing that could take place.


Accommodations are available at the Polar Star Villas in several different locations within the town of Levi. All of these places are situated within 1.6 kilometers of the town center.

The Living Area

The instant you go into the log cabin, you are greeted with an abundance of woodwork that is very stunning. This seems to be the case from the very beginning.

Within the area of interior design, the classic log cabin style is distinguished by the presence of rustic signs and stars that create the impression of an old-fashioned or old-fashioned-style log cabin.

This style is defined by the presence of rustic signs and stars. In addition, its design incorporates features such as mounted animal heads and guns in its composition.

As soon as you enter the building via the central entrance, you will immediately be able to see the stairs that go to the second floor.


On the other side of the door is where you will find the living room. It is outfitted with couches and a fireplace, making it a great setting for unwinding and being comfortable.

Because it is positioned against the wall, the stone fireplace does not take away from the floor space that is available in this area, which is one of the reasons why it is such a lovely addition to the room.

We like the fact that they have also included a hutch on one side of the fireplace and a tiny TV stand on the other side of the fireplace. Both of these additions are quite thoughtful.

A comfortable living room that is excellent for a day of reading, a quiet romantic evening by the fire, or a movie night with the family may be easily turned into this place with little effort and with little effort required.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen and dining room are located to the side of the living area, which is the site of the living space. The living area is also the location of the dining room.

We are both in awe of its design, which manages to be both attractive and contemporary at the same time. Even though it is designed in a country-chic manner, it has a contemporary vibe.

A little dining table with a red top and white chairs can be found at the front end of the room of the house.

The white log cabinets and the red island that can be seen in the background are designed to look well with these chairs thanks to their complementary color scheme.


The open idea of this kitchen is something that we like, even though it is far smaller than some of the other kitchens that we have brought to your attention.

Using a corner kitchen layout that has the traditional “L-shape” countertop allows for the possibility of leaving the front half of the space open.

Not only does the little red bar and island that is located in the middle of the room serve as an excellent breakfast nook, but it also contributes to the provision of extra counter space and storage space.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Utilizing the dormer window sides in the bedrooms that are shown here has resulted in the creation of a reading nook, additional storage nooks, and a reading nook.


Both of these bedrooms are excellent examples of how these nooks have been used in the past. These are some instances that demonstrate how much can be crammed into a small space to create a sleeping area that is both handy and pleasant.

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