The American Powers and System after Cold War


After the cold war, Russia faced the very hard time to restore its society, economy, political reformation, infrastructure and identity of the citizenship as the internal problems. Russia also faced the external hardship that had to work very hard were the rising of its former enemy as the superpower and geopolitical matters. In contrast to Russia, the former of Soviet Union after the end of the cold war that was deeply devastated in the economic and social system because of the vast spending in armed racing during the cold war, US stands as the superpower in the world.

It consists of security and military power, political power, economic power, geographic and geopolitical power, and the intelligence of its people. There is no society on the earth ever possess the such a potentiality and capability. Some authors such as George Friedman says confidently in his book “ The Next 100 year, a forecast for the twenty-first century” that “ American still become the most powerful in the world, the leader of the world until the end of this century, the 21st century is the American century”. Another author such as Fukuyama even goes beyond that the “the end of the Cold War is the end of history”.

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