The American power: to Democratize Globally and Permanentize Global Leader


The US possesses the most political power and plays the most important role in the world. Since it gained independence from Britain in 1776, US was a democratic country. There was no country in the world that its people chose their leaders by their own resentment and right except ancient Athen of the Creek that the direct democracy was implemented. The right and the voice of the people are respected.  All the People have the right to become the representative of their citizen. The political system was well-organized, separated and checked out the balance of power.

The founders of US, most of them, were the young men who got influences from the Western philosophers. Even though the independent proclamation paper also was the mixing of the philosophical and religious values which originated in Europe, “All the People are created equally, we hold this truth to be self-evident”. The philosophers who had most influences over American society were John Locke the father of the theory of social contract and freedom “all the people were born with freedom, yet they are being chained everywhere”.

In his social contract “the people have unlimited freedom, yet they willing to give up some of their freedom to their leaders to gain security and protection because some people used their freedom to abuse others”.  So, the duties of the leaders were to create the law to keep the society in order, provide the public service and security, and make sure that the law is obeyed.” 

Whenever the law is abused, the authority have the right to punish and keep the society in peace and order, the authority has to protect the lawful people and against the unlawful group or people. Otherwise, it would not become the society of mankind.

The other philosopher such as Thomas Hobbes, he believed that the nature of the people are selfish, cruel, ambitious, short and dangerous by comparing that the nature of man is the same to the wolf. People, before establishing the society, lived in the state of nature. In the state of nature, life is short and dangerous. The stronger abused the weaker, there was no punishment, no lawful actions.

The winner could live happily, the losers were killed or treated badly. He also invented the Social contract “the weaker gathered as the collective group to protect each other from abusing by the stronger”. Another philosopher, Montesquieu, was the father of the concept of check and balance. He argued that “when the legislative and executive powers united in the same body, there can be no liberty. 

In order to make sure that the freedom of the people is respected, and to make sure that the governance is good and clean, there must be the separation among the legislative body, executive body, and the judicial system.  There are many others philosophers and scientists that have influences over American society and political power that were not American by birth such as Albert Einstein.  However, American leaders use them to build America as the greatest nation.

In politics, America stands as the global leader of democracy. American leaders have tried their best to purify the democracy in domestic and bring it into international arena through United Nations and its other scenarios. They believed that American interest in the international stage is to bring the democracy to plant everywhere in the world. America entered into the two world wars and the cold war, spent vast of its income, created and supported other nations and allies, provided more humanitarian aid, controlled the oceans, and improved its military is to make sure that American democracy will not only survive but will overcome all the world political system.

The New World Order is the world of democracy. Every American leader from Wilson until now has the vision to see the democracy flourish everywhere. They will protect and spread it to the rest of the world such as John Kennedy addressed in his inauguration that “America can bear any burden, pay any price” to defend democracy and fight communism. They teach their soldier to bear in mind that they have the obligation to fight for freedom.

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