The American Hard Choices between Virtue and Fate

“The term “The America’s First” was not only firstly used during Donald Trump’s presidency, but it was just that past presidents did not speak publicly like Trump. They know exactly what to do and how to do and for what, in politics. The principle was created to safeguard national interests. So far, no country has shown its willing to die for the principle. The crucial thing is to find a justification to show that you fight for the ideals even if you break them.”

In the 18th century, France was the most powerful American ally in the 15-year battle for independence against England. The Treaty of Alliance was also signed by France and America to protect America from British aggression. After the United States had gained its independence, England turned to fight France over a year later. ′′America cannot give up national security or drag the country into such risky concerns to express gratitude or moral responsibility,” America declared in answer to the French requesting for help. Nearly 20 years later, the United States and Britain settled tensions and signed an agreement to increase trade between the two countries in 1794, known as the Jay Treaty.

The Treaty put France at a disadvantage until it decided to attack the US cargo ship. Once again, the United States joined hands with Britain to attack France. US and UK allies had causes a severely injured to France in a sea war. During the Suez Crisis of 1956, America attempted to expand its influence in the region in order to replace France and England. Both France and England have been betrayed for the vast oil in the Middle East.  Four years later, US President Jimmy Carter threatened France and England, saying, ′′Any country that has the audacity to impact America’s interests in this region, America would use any measures necessary, even military.” France and England were furious, but they could not do much about it.

When the United States deposed Saddam Hussein in 2003, France and England seized the opportunity to exact vengeance by secretly assisting the anti-US militias. From outside, it appears that where there is America, there is also French and English allies willing to go to war for certain reasons collectively. However, in reality, they (the UK and France) simply just spend some money and lives to follow and bargain some interests that led by US in the invasion.

It must not be forgotten that the four-star general and senior US commander in NATO, General Wesley Clark, who opposed the US plan war against the Middle East, publicly condemned: “the US war on the Middle East was a long-planned plan, just before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. We will overthrow seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finally Iran.” This is a plan to overthrow leaders and destroy opposing countries in order to expand regional power and control their oil.

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