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How the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead is revealed by the discovery of an embalming workshop

Scientists have uncovered the materials and mixtures that ancient Egyptians used to mummify the dead from the remnants of an embalming workshop. Although researchers previously discovered the names of materials...

AOC Paid a Chinese Foreign Agent for Campaign Ads with Cash

According to reports, Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave American money to a Chinese Communist Newspaper for advertising. Representative Alexandria Ocasio...

The Colorado courts are out to get Jack Phillips

American baker Jack Phillips must be both the finest and the worst. We have never previously witnessed a...

Rare Piebald Baby Deer Gave Unique View Of Beauty Of Nature’s Oddities

Deer Tracks Junction, an amusement park and farm hybrid located in Cedar Springs, Michigan, is "all about Family,...

A Federal Judge Rules That Wrongful Death Suit Against Rittenhouse Can Go Forward

A Wisconsin U.S. District Judge has decided that Kyle Rittenhouse can be sued for wrongful death. Kyle Rittenhouse has...

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