Swansong – A Serene Bushland Retreat in Tasmania’s Heart


Welcome to Swansong, Tasmania’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the lush embrace of Tasmania’s pristine bushland, Swansong emerges as a beacon of serenity and sustainable living. This modest 60m2 retreat, tucked into nine acres of private wilderness, isn’t just a getaway,


it’s a deeply immersive experience in the heart of nature. As I recount my journey through this eco-friendly haven, I invite you to envision a world where simplicity and environmental consciousness blend seamlessly with comfort and style.


Harmony with Nature

From the moment you step onto the property, Swansong’s commitment to the environment is evident. The double-glazed windows envelope you in warmth while offering unobstructed views of Tasmania’s raw beauty.


Imagine watching pademelons (small forest marsupials) playfully scuttle into the bush, or superb fairy-wrens flit among the grasses right from your living room.

It’s not uncommon to see sea eagles, black cockatoos, and even pelicans soaring above, or black swans gracefully congregating on the bay below.


Rustic & Modern

The exterior of Swansong, with its rugged corrugated facade, stands in stark contrast to the interior’s soothing honey-toned timbers and soft cork floors.

This dichotomy isn’t just visually striking, it’s a deliberate choice that reflects the blend of toughness and comfort needed to coexist with the wild Tasmanian environment. The cabin comprises two main pavilions connected by timber decking, each embracing the outside world while offering cozy refuge.


A Fusion of Function

Encircling each pavilion is a Japanese-style engawa, a unique feature that serves multiple purposes. It’s a veranda, a walkway, and a sitting area, all in one.

Constructed from web-forge steel, it floats above the native grasses and shrubs, providing a vantage point to appreciate the surrounding landscape. This design element truly exemplifies the thoughtful integration of different cultural influences in Swansong’s architecture.


Heart of the Home

The main pavilion combines the kitchen, dining, and living areas into a fluid, open space. It’s easy to lose yourself watching the clouds roll over the bay from the plush sofa or to become entranced by the sunset illuminating granite boulders across the shoreline.

The living area, designed for relaxation and contemplation, perfectly frames nature’s ever-changing canvas.



The kitchen is a dream for anyone who loves to cook. Stocked with essential cooking oils, vinegar, herbs, spices, dry goods, and specialty teas and coffees, it invites you to create memorable meals.

Cooking here feels less like a chore and more like a part of the holistic Swansong experience, where even everyday activities are transformed by the surrounding beauty.


A Cozy Sanctuary

Across the deck lies the bedroom pavilion, where a plush queen-size bed awaits, adorned with 100% pure linen sheets. The luxury of watching sunrise over Georges Bay without leaving your bed is indescribable.

For those who prefer to greet the day more actively, sitting out on the deck with a morning brew is equally enchanting.


The Bathroom

The bathroom, a serene space with a window opening to the bush, continues the theme of indoor-outdoor synergy. Stocked with soft cotton towels and premium Aesop products, it’s a small yet significant reminder of Swansong’s commitment to luxury within simplicity.


Living the Outdoor Dream

Swansong’s design constantly encourages you to step outside and engage with nature. Whether it’s lounging on the engawa or exploring the surrounding wilderness, the boundary between inside and outside blurs, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.


Practical Tips

For those intrigued by this unique retreat, Swansong is more accessible than you might think. Located in a secluded yet reachable part of Tasmania, it offers an escape from the hustle of daily life without complete isolation. While the best times to visit may depend on personal preferences, every season here has its own charm and beauty.


Swansong is not just a place to stay; it’s an experience that redefines the concept of living in harmony with nature. It’s a testament to how sustainable practices can be elegantly woven into luxurious living. For those yearning for a retreat that offers tranquility, intimacy with nature, and an eco-friendly lifestyle, Swansong is a dream come true.

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