Stunning Log Cabin In Peaceful Location And Unique

Welcome to You should have a look at this log cabin that is situated in the hamlet of Karesuvanto, which is situated 330 kilometers to the northwest of Rovaniemi and 88 kilometers to the north of Muonio. It is highly advised that you do so.


The Kitchen

Even though it is smaller than the kitchens in other log cabins, the kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you could desire.

The kitchen is outfitted with modern equipment that is made of stainless steel, a sizable sink that is positioned under the window, and a storage island that can be employed as either a breakfast nook or a bar for two people.

 They have also constructed an entertainment center on the other side, which is also the wall where the television is located, which makes it easy for both locations. In addition to that, they have erected an entertainment center.


Of course, we are fond of all of the glass log cabinet doors and open shelving that allows you to exhibit your chosen cookware. This is something that we find very appealing.

Furthermore, a butcher block countertop is the last element that completes the concept and brings it all together.

Within the kitchen, there is an eating area that is both pleasant and convenient, and it is situated just outside the entryway. A gorgeous open window that offers a view of the terrace is another feature that can be found in this room.

It is feasible to easily fit a table with four tops in this space; but, I believe that you could easily accommodate something that can seat up to eight people without running into any substantial complications.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Barn doors, which conceal the entryway and closets, are among the most distinctive aspects of the bedrooms, in our opinion.


In addition to the fact that they are cozy and spacious, these barn doors are also one of the aspects that we like the most.

Because salvaged wood is an amazing alternative that is a stunning accent that draws inspiration from the rustic style that you prefer, you may want to give some thought to employing it.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Not only does the master bathroom have a conventional combination shower and bathtub, but it also has two sinks, as well as one-of-a-kind mirrors that may also double as shelves for storage reasons.


It is a place that is not only modest and rustic but also pleasant and appropriate for the ordinary day-to-day activities that people participate in. If this is going to be the primary abode, then it is a location that is great for those activities.

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