South China Sea: Why all parties want to control it?



The South China Sea is a vast sea, the transit point of the world’s naval forces and shipping:

1. An important strategic area that determines China’s economy, security, and influence over the surrounding area.

2. China wants to drive US naval forces away

3.Natural Resources, oil, gas and a large sea fishing area

4. The throat of food security and shipping pass of many countries

The South China Sea is a vast strait that forms part of the Pacific Ocean. The sea stretches from Karimata, Malacca to Taiwan. The South China Sea is the most important strategic area through which one-third of international shipping passes and more than three trillion dollars of trade passes each year. Huge natural resources are believed to be in the seabed.

The most important things are the strategic significance and the international shipping port. The sea determines China’s key factors such as security, power, economy and influence. As the Chinese strategist concluded, China’s failure that led to humiliation was due the ignorance of maritime strategy, un-modern weapon and outdated system.

Mao Seng Tung and Teng Xiaoping had already declared that our enemy is outside the fence of our house. Sun Tzu, the father of Chinese strategic thinker, has repeatedly taught China from generation to generation that “seek the advantaged position.”

Therefore, the South China Sea is an important security issue for China because its main enemies can navigate as they wish under international law or freedom of navigation. According to Kissinger, China thinks in these ways: A. China feels insecure as US navy patrol this sea which is very close to China

B. if the war will be broken out, United States and its allies will quickly reach Chinese territory and cities, so China is trying to drive the United States as far away from the region as possible, C. China will intensify its naval power due to the very painful experience of foreign invasion. D. If war breaks out, China will use this sea to fight.

In secret talks with the United States, China said, “The Chinese side will guarantee US shipments in the region, we will not block this strait,” the United States replied, “No, we do not need your guarantee, we do it in the accordance with international law and freedom of navigation. US bring 60% of its naval power to the Indo-Pacific while China is struggling to empower its naval power. Japan depends almost totally on South China Sea to ship the oil and raw materials.

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