South China Sea: A Great U.S and China contesting for Supremacy


South China Sea is a very very important geopolitics where it is crucial for interests and security of all parties. China sees this place a core interest of its security, economy, and influence. In order to become a real global power in the middle of 21th century, China must have enough ability to control the south China Sea. 300 years ago, a Chinese emperor who stood at the beach and took his sword and pointed at the sea, said ” From here, until that end of the water, belong to China”. The sea is not so important only for China, but the world world. Most of southeast Asia has the same interests and security issues as China. The world needs to trade pass the Sea.

U.S considers the South China Sea as international strait. U.S says “It needs to protect International law, protect the stability and security of the region”. U.S as the big brother of the world, U.S must not allow China to control the Sea completely. The Sea also give huge interests to the U.S. First of all, containing China here, and second, U.S naval powers will be able to pass through the sea, third, Unify the allies against China’ s aggressive behaviors. U.S sends most of its naval power to Indo-pacific. U.S also considers Asia as its vital interest.

In short, U.S uses International law and its allies to protect their shared interests in the Sea. U.S goes everywhere with allies. China, on other hand, in order to be stronger and safer need to be able to spread its power all over the South China Sea. So, it has to strengthening its naval powers, building the military bases on the sea, and hide the various weapons.

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