South China Sea: Natural Resources and Food Security


The South China Sea has about 190 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 11 billion barrels of oil, and an estimated 160 trillion cubic meters of gas and 12 billion barrels of oil that has not found yet, according to the US Energy Agency. In addition, there is more energy in the seabed, totaling about $ 60 trillion and more than $ 3 trillion in trade passing through each year.These resources are a source of energy supply and future growth. It should be noted that China is a country that needs a lot of energy and oil to serve the economy.

By 2018, China needs up to 12.8 million barrels of oil per day. Moreover, fishing is very important for the food security and supply. Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, and Indonesia depend much of the sea to protect their fishing, security, and interests.  There is a Chinese saying goes that ‘before your are thirsty, you have to dig the wall”. China that is badly thirsty, and struggle to seeking energy and resources all over the world, and has many challenges on energy transit and geopolitical worries, has tried its best to control the sea for the purpose of national security and economic growth.

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