Sino-U.S Relations: U.S to build missile networks, but China already deployed missiles that can reach anywhere


In south China Sea dispute, China has been deploying the missiles that could reach Philippine, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia as the tensions are increased day by day. China has already deployed its fighter jet, navies, and big amount of weapons include Missiles in the disputed sea and islands. Experts say that these weapons are able enough to reach and destroy the military of disputed members if the war break out.

At the same time, U.S and its allies are also strengthening their military there. It has raised the serious question whether the war is inevitable. U.S aircraft carriers are still in the Sea and has conducted military exercises with the ASEAN which is very close to Chinese military. Philippine was the first countries to sue China over the Sea to international organization. However, China doesn’t respect the decision. Philippines has turned its head to negotiate with China. U.S has come to engaged to help those countries to counter-China. Both sides are trying to increase their military present to seek the advantaged position.

However, the experts say that ” the percentage of war is very low. It is a very serious contesting for supremacy between U.S and China”. They are struggling to show their power to fear the small countries so that they will decided which side will they go”. China hopes that it will gain the big parts of the Sea and draw U.S navies out of the Sea. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia need U.S military present and all ASEAN members to counter-China.

It has invested huge of naval power and deployed the very fearsome weapons to the disputed sea are the strategic ambitions for long term policy and psychological war on those of disputed nations. China doesn’t need armed war, but it hope that it will win by psychological war. The disputed nations are also worried about the long term consequences that China will be a big threat for their security and interests.

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