South China Sea and China’s Energy Transit gates


China is the world most populated nation and the second largest economy. Since the reform and open up, for four decades, the economy of China has grown very fast and over took the German and Japanese economy. The world looks at China attractively. China needs and consumes the energy the most. In order to spread its influence and achieve its ambition, China needs huge energy to support its economic machines. In diplomatic energy, China has to go and compete for energy and natural resources anywhere in the world. Until now, China preserves 25.65 bbl of crude oil, 5.44 trillion cum of natural gas. 6.71 millions barrels are imported to China daily in which 80% ship through South China Sea and strait of Malacca. Just as in 2016, China used 5.564 trillions kWh of electricity.

As mentions, South China Sea is not only important for Chinese security, but it also very important for influence and shipping. China has tried many ways to reduce its energy transition via the strait of Malacca by building various pipelines, but its can only 11% . Seeing the map of China’s energy import , you can imagine what Chinese strategy and concerns really are. China’s pipelines are like the vessels connecting to all surrounding areas.

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