Six Chinese Political and Economic objectives


2. To gain a favorable role in the East Asian Community, including the Free Trade  ​​with Japan, South Korea, as well as ASEAN, to prevent US influence and important role from these regions. Lee Kuan Yew’s assertion that China wants to be the first big brother, wants to draw Asia under its influence. China has to suck ASEAN into its economic system to make sure that It will has both Economic and Military influences over the region. ASEAN is located on the very important strategic geopolitics, it can connect to South Asia, East Asia, Middle East and Africa through Indian Ocean. ASEAN has South China Sea as the central place.

3. To strengthen and cooperate with Pakistan to counter Indian influence and to give China the access to the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf through shipping and port systems with those countries to facilitate the import and export for expanding its influence.

4. To obtain a significant edges of economic dominance over Russia in Central Asia and Mongolia. China needs to shift its influence over the surrounding areas to meet the demand for natural resources, expand its economy, and maintain stability and security because these areas are close to China. These areas were under Soviet and US influence to encircle China.(please read the first and the next article to know more”.

China’s political and Economic objectives: On Taiwan, Asia and Africa

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