Sino-US tensions: There are four reasons.


The US- China tension has been escalating worse and worse. They are many opinions on this mater. Some scholars think that US is struggling to contain China as the rising power, while China is struggling to replace the US. The Sino-US conflict has four main reasons to be considered as following:

1. Struggling to compete for influence and interest in the world, but not war. The United States is struggling to contain Chinese influence, while China is struggling to seize the second position as a superpower to replace Russia. China needs to be fully recognized as the second biggest brother in the world.

2. They are trying to make more tensions in order to have the opportunities to do unethical politics and business (arms sales and resource grabbing).

3. Pretending and acting as a quarrel to divide the world, because in the history of world politics, no superpower can rule the whole world alone. China will be the king of Asia.

4. They are trying to make worse for the winner is the only superpower, the loser will be weaker. It is the kind of cold war as Soviet and US. The wars can be broken out any place where they are struggling to dominate. (the percentage is very low).

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