Seaside Serenity: A Tour Of The Gorgeous Tiny House In Venice

Nestled in the heart of Venice, just a mile away from the sun-kissed shores of Venice Beach, awaits a hidden gem – a tiny house that effortlessly blends coastal charm with functional elegance.


This stunning abode beckons those seeking a tranquil retreat without compromising on style. Join us on an exclusive tour of this beach-chic guest house that promises seaside serenity in every nook and cranny.

A Contemporary Exterior

The allure of this tiny house begins with its prime location. Situated a mere mile from the sandy shores of Venice Beach and within walking distance of the bustling Abbot Kinney Blvd, the marina, canals, and walk streets, it offers a perfect blend of convenience and coastal tranquility.


 Whether you crave a stroll along the iconic canals or a vibrant day of shopping and dining on Abbot Kinney, this tiny house serves as a gateway to all that Venice has to offer.

The Living Room: Coastal Comfort

As you step inside, the great room welcomes you with open arms. Cathedral ceilings soar overhead, creating an expansive and airy atmosphere. A generous wall of windows frames breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty, inviting the outdoors in.

tiny house


The pièce de resistance is an impressive fireplace adorned with a rustic log mantle, marrying the charm of the outdoors with the comforts of indoor living. It’s a space that effortlessly combines style with functionality, providing the ultimate haven for relaxation.

The Dining Table: Hosting Gatherings with Ease

Around the corner from the living area, a spacious dining room awaits. A massive round table takes center stage, surrounded by ample seating – the perfect setup for intimate dinners or lively game nights with friends and family.

tiny house


The versatility of this space ensures that it seamlessly transitions from everyday meals to entertaining guests, making it a central hub for communal gatherings.

The Bedroom: Spacious Comfort and Versatility

Venture to the top floor, and you’ll discover bedrooms that redefine the notion of tiny house living. One particular bedroom stands out, featuring room for two full-sized beds and additional space for chairs and clothing storage.

tiny house


This thoughtful design makes it an ideal retreat for kids or a welcoming space for guests seeking comfort without compromise.

The Bathroom: Simple Elegance

The bathrooms in this tiny beach house continue the theme of simplicity and comfort. Light wood cabinets and white countertops create a soothing ambiance, offering a choice between a relaxing bath and an invigorating shower.


This floor plan ensures that residents have the flexibility to tailor their daily routines to their preferences.

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