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How the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead is revealed by the discovery of an embalming workshop

Scientists have uncovered the materials and mixtures that ancient Egyptians used to mummify the dead from the remnants of an embalming workshop.

Although researchers previously discovered the names of materials used to embalm the dead from Egyptian texts, they were only able to make educated guesses as to the precise compounds and materials they referred to until recently.

Now, some explanations have been provided by genetic analysis of residues found in pots removed from an ancient burial site in Saqqara that was found in 2016.

The underground embalming factory, which was in use during the seventh and sixth centuries BC, yielded a total of 121 jars. The scientists from Germany and Egypt examined the organic residues in 31 of the pots with the best labeling for their study, which was published on Wednesday in the scholarly journal Nature.

According to what they discovered, the ancient Egyptians employed a wide range of ingredients to anoint the body after death in order to mask foul odors and guard it against fungi, bacteria, and putrefaction.

Materials found include beeswax, animal fat, and plant oils from juniper, cypress, and cedar trees, as well as resins from pistachio trees.

Additionally, the materials employed to preserve various body parts were identified by archaeologists. (For example, only the head received the usage of pistachio resin and castor oil.)

The research’s coauthor and professor of prehistoric archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Philipp Stockhammer, said in a news briefing, “I was fascinated by this chemical knowledge.

“They knew what substances they needed to apply to the skin—antibacterial and antifungal substances—to keep it as healthy as possible without having any background in microbiology or even understanding bacteria. Over centuries, this vast body of knowledge accumulated.

Additionally, it was discovered that the material known to the ancient Egyptians as “antiu,” which has been interpreted as myrrh or incense, was a combination of a number of various substances, including a mixture of cedar oil, juniper and cypress oil, and animal fats.

However, due to the scarcity of discovered embalming workshops, coauthor Susanne Beck, a researcher in the Department of Egyptology and the curator of the Egyptian Collection at the University of Tübingen in Germany, noted that it is challenging to determine how frequently the materials found at the Saqqara site were used.

The workshop used a variety of substances that were sourced from places other than Egypt. While many of the substances came from different parts of the Mediterranean, they also discovered residues of dammar gum and elemi resin, which most likely originated in southeast Asian forests or perhaps tropical areas of Africa.

The researchers claimed that this demonstrated the long-distance exchange of goods, but that further research was necessary to determine the precise characteristics of these materials and the reasons they came from such a great distance.

In a commentary on the study, Salima Ikram, a distinguished professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo, questioned how and when the Egyptians learned about these resins and acquired a specialized understanding of their properties and relevance to mummification. “These resins provide fresh evidence for long-distance trade networks,” Ikram said.

Ikram, who wasn’t involved in the study, claimed that Egyptians preserved human and animal corpses through artificial means in order to give their souls a permanent residence.

The ceremonies involved in mummification typically lasted for 70 days and were believed to change the departed from an earthly to a divine person.

AOC Paid a Chinese Foreign Agent for Campaign Ads with Cash

According to reports, Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave American money to a Chinese Communist Newspaper for advertising.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez reportedly paid money on campaign advertisements in the Sing Tao Newspapers during her bid for reelection in 2022.

The Department of Justice found this publication to be overly sympathetic of the Chinese government. It is a US subsidiary of the Sing Tao News Corporation, which is situated in Hong Kong.

In August 2021, the newspaper was forced to register as a foreign agent as a result.
The re-election campaign of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly spent about $1,500 on advertisements in Sing Tao Newspapers, which has publications in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

After the newspaper was identified as a foreign agent by the Department of Justice, the decision to collaborate with it was made.

Representatives Nicole Malliotakis of the Republican Party and Kevin Mullin and Grace Meng of the Democratic Party also paid between $1,000 and $7,000 to have their campaign advertisements published in the newspaper.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has already been mentioned in Sing Tao Newspapers, which highlighted her participation in a 2020 roundtable for foreign-language journalists before the publication was designated as a foreign agent.

Wait, you’re supporting a newspaper of an oppressive state that attacked peaceful protestors in Hong Kong, AOC wrote on Facebook. A user inquired. Should you not be critical of them?

The oldest Chinese-language newspaper in Hong Kong is published by Sing Tao News Corporation, which claims to be privately held and independent of the Chinese Communist Party.

Recent investigations, however, revealed that the daughter of a successful mainland property developer bought the majority stake.

Furthermore, Star Production Limited, a business with headquarters in Shenzhen, China, is the source of more than half of the content that Sing Tao publishes in the US.

There have been concerns raised regarding possible biases in the content produced by Sing Tao due to the rigorous control that the Chinese government, led by President Xi Jinping, exercises over the broadcast of news within China.

According to a report by the Council on Foreign Relations, “China has one of the most restrictive media environments in the world, relying on censorship to control information in the news, online, and on social media.

Censorship guidelines are circulated weekly to well-known editors and media providers from the Communist Party’s propaganda department and the government’s Bureau of Internet Affairs.”

The Colorado courts are out to get Jack Phillips

American baker Jack Phillips must be both the finest and the worst. We have never previously witnessed a cake baker with such a high demand being denounced in court for being such a bigot.

The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld an earlier district court decision last Thursday when it determined that Phillips had violated Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) by refusing to bake a cake for a person celebrating their transgender transition.

When will Jack Phillips be left alone by Colorado’s courts? Just as soon as he compromises his real religious convictions?

It is so clear that the purpose of this lawsuit is to set a bad example for religious people. Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court’s first case Phillips won involving his specialized cake-baking company, was announced on the same day that an attorney celebrating transgender status called and asked for a custom cake from the now-famous custom cake baker. Phillips won that case.

I’m serious. In 2017, there were dozens of cake bakers in the Denver, Colorado, area, but only Jack Phillips could make Autumn Scardina’s cake, a pink cake with blue frosting. Scardina should be overjoyed; Phillips must be amazing.

Unfortunately, Scardina wasn’t interested in Phillips’ skill at baking cakes. He had strong religious convictions. When Phillips learned the cake’s message—or purpose—Scardina knew he would decline because the idea of celebrating a person’s gender fluidity runs counter to his Christian principles. Scardina filed a lawsuit, claiming he had broken the priceless CADA, and has now prevailed in court.

Phillips has now fought this and the previous case for ten years. If you are unable to convert them, you can beat them senseless in court.

In the appeals decision, the court effectively contends that under CADA, Phillips could be pressured to use his cake-baking to convey a message that goes against his religious views or face consequences.

The division comes to the conclusion that making a pink cake with blue frosting does not qualify as First Amendment-protected speech, according to the decision. Later, it was stated that “a proprietor’s right to freely exercise or express their religion is not violated by the CADA’s restriction against discrimination based on a person’s transgender status.” CADA is not supposed to be used as a tool against persons of faith; rather, it was created to defend groups that are vulnerable to prejudice. But is it?

Phillips said that the message sent by the cake’s intended usage to commemorate such status was the reason he declined to bake it for Scardina rather than her status. Given that gender identity and sexual orientation are now recognized by the law as protected classifications, it is simple to understand how the appeals court came to the conclusion that Phillips had engaged in discrimination. Status and behavior of transgender people cannot be distinguished.

Therefore, it is discriminatory to uphold the orthodox view that gender fluidity is in conflict with God’s creation or traditional religious traditions or belief systems. Traditional beliefs are not mentioned or taken into consideration.

However, no one should be compelled to convey a message within their firm that goes against their morals or religious convictions. Everyone should be affected by this. As of now, it appears to only apply to individuals who will only be content when those who hold traditional views give them up and replace them with their own.

Unluckily for Jack Phillips, that might mean another ten years of specific lawsuits like these. When will it be sufficient?

Rare Piebald Baby Deer Gave Unique View Of Beauty Of Nature’s Oddities


Deer Tracks Junction, an amusement park and farm hybrid located in Cedar Springs, Michigan, is “all about Family, Animals, and FUN while producing lasting memories.

” Visitors to Deer Tracks Junction can “watch all types of wildlife “up close and personal,” all while strolling around the park,” the park’s proudest claim.

Although it sounds like a fantastic time, Deer Tracks Junction’s star, a special, small deer with “Piebaldism,” was its best and most distinctive feature.

He went by the name of Dragon, and although there aren’t many creatures in the world precisely like him, he was incredibly cute and unquestionably special.

Before arriving at Deer Tracks Junction, Dragon’s mother rejected him at birth.

Dragon has a condition called “Piebaldism.”

A disorder known as piebaldism is characterized by the lack of melanocytes in specific regions of the skin and hair.

The pigment melanin, which affects the color of the skin, eyes, and hair, is made by melanocytes. Patches of lighter-than-normal skin and hair result from the lack of melanocytes.

Due to the piebald, which leaves deer with poor vision and hearing and makes them more susceptible to predators, Dragon’s mother most likely abandoned him.

The birth of Dragon at Deer Tracks Junction, where humans could care for him instead of his mother, who abandoned him, was fortunate.

For his brief time on earth, the residents of Deer Tracks Junction and everyone else who had a glimpse of this unusual and endearing deer thought it was really cool.

A Federal Judge Rules That Wrongful Death Suit Against Rittenhouse Can Go Forward

A Wisconsin U.S. District Judge has decided that Kyle Rittenhouse can be sued for wrongful death.

Kyle Rittenhouse has gained considerable notoriety in the Right-Wing community since being exonerated of all charges. He attempts to host events himself and frequently attends Republican National Conventions, but locating a location has been challenging.

Rittenhouse has additionally raised money for other impending cases by leveraging his reputation. Judge Lynn Adelman in Wisconsin decided last week that one of those lawsuits, brought by Anthony Huber’s father, can proceed.

As reported by AP, “Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time of the shootings, was accused by John Huber of collaborating with law authorities to harm protesters. John Huber is suing Rittenhouse, the police, and the city for undisclosed damages.”

The teen has been difficult to locate, and according to his attorneys, he wasn’t properly served. About those assertions, Adelman stated, “He most likely is avoiding serving his sentence. Rittenhouse has purposefully kept his whereabouts a secret. Although he claims not to reside in Florida, he does not specify where he actually calls home.”

However, Shane Martin, Rittenhouse’s attorney, remains optimistic. While we appreciate the judge’s ruling, we do not think there is any proof of a conspiracy, and we are certain that Kyle’s actions that evening were not improper and were committed in self-defense, just as a Kenosha jury decided.

A Vienna court sentences alleged shooters for the Islamic State in 2020 to prison

Due to their suspected connections to an Islamic State sympathizer who committed a deadly shooting in Vienna in 2020, an Austrian court has found four men guilty of terrorist charges and murder participation.

The Vienna state court sentenced two men to life in prison on Wednesday night, and the other two received sentences of 20 and 19 years, respectively, according to the Austria Press Agency.

Two additional defendants were found guilty of being members of IS and disseminating the group’s propaganda despite having their primary accusations dismissed. They received two-year sentences with a portion of the suspension suspended.

On November 2, 2020, an incident left four persons dead, including the shooter. Over 20 additional persons, including a police officer, suffered injuries. Attacker Kujtim Fejzulai, a dual citizen of North Macedonia and Austria, had previously been found guilty of attempting to join IS in Syria.

Although the six men on trial in mid-October were not accused of directly taking part in the assault, they were said to have assisted or influenced Fejzulai as he was getting ready to shoot. These accused activities in one instance allegedly involved getting the firearms used in the shooting.

A manslaughter trial against PG&E is scheduled due to the catastrophic California fires

A judge determined on Wednesday that Pacific Gas & Electric will go on trial for manslaughter for its part in a wildfire in Northern California in 2020 that claimed four lives.

After a preliminary hearing, the judge in Shasta County determined that there was sufficient proof to hold the largest utility in the country accountable for 11 felonies and misdemeanors, including involuntary homicide and recklessly setting a fire.

Twenty further charges were dropped.

The nation’s largest power provider, which entered a not-guilty plea to the charges in June, was due to be charged on February 15 and was due to be arraigned that day.

South of the Oregon border, a county covered in forests was decimated by the Zogg Fire, which started in September 2020. Prior to being brought under control, the fire consumed 88 square miles (228 square kilometers) of land and more than 200 dwellings.
An 8-year-old girl and her mother were among the four fatalities; they were engulfed in the flames as they attempted to flee their home in a car.

According to state fire officials, a pine tree that struck a PG&E distribution line caused the fire to start. Last year, the California Public Utilities Commission suggested fining PG&E more than $155 million for failing to remove the tree, which was one of two that had been designated for removal.

While the corporation itself could receive punishment and be required to take corrective action, company officials could not risk criminal penalties.

In a statement, PG&E claimed that while it admits that its equipment caused the fire and that the deaths were regrettable, “we feel PG&E did not conduct any crimes.”

The utility stated, “We continue our work to make it safe and make it right, both via our work to make our system safer every day and through our work to resolve claims from prior fires.”

The number of PG&E consumers in Northern and Central California is projected to be 16 million. Due to its deteriorating electrical grid, the corporation has been accused of causing some of California’s biggest wildfires.

In total, more than 30 wildfires that destroyed more than 23,000 homes and businesses and claimed the lives of over 100 individuals since 2017 have been attributed to PG&E.

In order to resolve a lawsuit concerning the 2017 and 2018 California wildfires, notably the 2018 Camp Fire, which claimed 85 lives and mostly destroyed the town of Paradise in Butte County, former executives, and directors agreed to pay $117 million last year.

The case was a result of PG&E’s $13.5 billion settlement with wildfire victims, which was made during the utility’s protracted bankruptcy from January 2019 to June 2020.

For starting the Camp Fire, PG&E admitted guilt on 84 felony charges of involuntary murder and was fined the highest amount possible, $4 million.

Also in 2017, PG&E reached a settlement with prosecutors in six counties affected by the 2019 Kincade Fire and the 2021 Dixie Fire in which it agreed to pay more than $55 million to avoid criminal prosecution.

More than 1,300 homes and other buildings were destroyed by the Dixie Fire. West of a dam in the Sierra Nevada, a tree fell on some electrical distribution cables, sparking the fire.

The World Bank provides $311 million for renewable energy to four West African countries


The World Bank has made a $311 million loan arrangement for renewable energy projects with four countries in West and Central Africa.

With the use of battery energy and storage technologies, about 106 megawatts (MW) of solar power generation capacity and a 41 MW increase in hydroelectric capacity will be financed.

The nations are Chad, Togo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Interventions in the distribution and transmission of power will be supported by money.

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, who oversaw the signing ceremony on Wednesday, declared that the agreement marked the start of a revolution in the countries’ access to and supply of energy.

One of the lowest rates of electrification and some of the most expensive energy prices in Sub-Saharan Africa are found in West and Central Africa. As fuel prices rise, so have energy expenditures due to the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

“Compared to 18 months ago, we are now spending significantly more on energy. Energy costs that are pretty high and are rising continue to have a negative influence on other areas of our economies, “said Maada Bio.

A portion of the funding authorized in December under a new World Bank Regional Emergency Solar Power Intervention Project will also go to the West Africa Power Pool, a regional strategy to boost electricity in the subregion.

The project marked the first time four nations had been brought together for a regional energy strategy, according to Boutheina Guermazi, Director for Regional Integration at the World Bank.

According to Guermazi, the project will be finished in four years, and “it is a continental approach to ensure that we obtain universal access to clean inexpensive energy by 2030.”

Potential GOP presidential hopefuls in 2024 traveled to Austin for a retreat with funders


Later this month, a number of prominent Republicans, including many prospective 2024 presidential contenders, are scheduled to go to Austin for a private retreat for donors to a Texas voter registration drive.

On February 24, former vice president Mike Pence, former ambassador of the United States to the United Nations Nikki Haley, U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, and former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie will all speak at a conference. That is in accordance with an email sent last week by Republican strategist Karl Rove, a longtime fund-raiser for the voter registration drive known as the Texas Voter Engagement Project.

One of the “two more exceptional visitors we hope to reveal shortly” is an American, the email teased. Kevin McCarthy, speaker of the house, according to a Wednesday invitation update.

U.S. Gov. Greg Abbott and The event will be held at the Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa with assistance from Sen. John Cornyn. Depending on what happens in the legislative session that began last month, Cornyn is scheduled to give the opening remarks, and Abbott intends to attend. No one else is allowed to attend the event.

Interviews with speakers from other states will also be conducted by members of the Texas congressional delegation.

The two most prominent candidates for the 2024 presidential election are currently not included in the event: former president Donald Trump, who is already running, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet announced but has emerged as Trump’s most formidable possible rival. Early in March, DeSantis will go to Texas to speak at fundraiser dinners for the Harris and Dallas counties’ Republican parties.

DeSantis attended a retreat of this kind that took place in Austin in May 2021.

After a challenging 2018 election, Texas Republicans sought to revitalize their key party initiatives. This is when the Voter Engagement Project was founded. According to the project, it has since registered nearly 400,000 additional Republican voters.

The conference is intended to express gratitude to both contributors and volunteers, particularly the most active ones, who included the Texas Federation of Republican Women members.

INTERNATIONAL General of the Air Force believes that China will take advantage of the possibility of war when the United States is “distracted” by the 2024 election


General Mike Minihan, a four-star Air Force officer, forecasts an impending conflict with China in a memo delivered on Friday and acquired by NBC News.

I hope I’m wrong, said Air Mobility Command commander Gen. Mike Minihan. My instinct is I’ll fight in 2025. All Air Mobility Command air wing commanders and other operational commanders are given the directive by Minihan to “report all major activities to prepare for the China conflict to Minihan by Feb. 28,” according to NBC News.

Because both Taiwan and the United States would hold presidential elections in 2024, Minihan stated the likelihood in the message. As a result, the United States will be “distracted,” giving Chinese President Xi Jinping the chance to make progress on Taiwan.

A “fortified, ready, integrated, and nimble Joint Force Maneuver Team poised to fight and win inside the first island chain” is what Minihan outlines as his goal.

The plan is explained by NBC News as follows:

He orders all AMC employees to “fire a clip into a 7-meter target with full understanding that unrepentant lethality counts most” during the month of February. Take aim at the head. Additionally, he advises everyone to update their emergency contacts and paperwork.

All AMC employees are to “examine their personal affairs and whether a visit should be scheduled with their servicing base legal office to ensure they are legally ready and prepared,” according to his March directive.

The message further exhorts them to prepare by “aiming for the head” and firing “a clip” at a target. Minihan advises training participants to take certain risks. However, he then adds, “If you are comfortable in your attitude to training, then you are not taking enough risk.” He advises to “run deliberately, not recklessly.”