The US and China Strategies: A2 VS A2

US and China are the two greatest powers with the greatest potentialities of this century. They are also the greatest competitors in which the contesting for supremacy between them are tensed and provoked. Each considers another as the cause of problems and tensions. They are looking at each other carefully and tempting and forming their own ways. Both of them are the wisest and the most ambitions. Numerous scholars pay most of their attentions to these two rivals. To sum up their strategies, the 2A vs 2A are most important factors to be learned.

(Joe Biden VS Xi Jinping)

The US’ A2 strategy can be understood as following:

-A1: responsible for ” Allies’. The forming of ally has been the crucial parts of US history and successfulness. No matter how strong it is, US always goes with its allies. One of its main strategies is ” go first to the places where the tensions taking places with the most of men”.

The Second A responsible for ” Allege or Accuse”. Whoever wishes to be US’ enemy will be definitely accused of abusing ” human right, dictatorship, aggressiveness, and un-democracy”. This is how the US becomes the superpower.

The Chinese A2 strategy is “Anti-Access”. There are two meanings. First of all, the Anti-access toward US is that ” China is trying to draw back and keep US’ navies as far as possible”. The second of all, the Anti-Access for other countries is that ” China would not give the access to its market for those whose interests are against Chinese”.

US-CHINA: American Ways of Expansion

Cao Cao could betray anyone but none could betray him. US can betray and accuse anyone and any country in the world but none could do so to revenge. Since the end of the World War II, US has bombed, toppled, and removed many leaders and changed the regime over 30 countries. The Number One Global Superpower has betrayed most of its both allies and enemies. To do so, US has reasoned that it has the obligation to protect human right, protect democracy, depose the aggressor, and uphold the international law.

(Cao Cao and President Joe Biden )

US and Cao Cao have shared the idea of supremacy or hegemony. Cao Cao wanted to unify the whole empire while US wishes to put the world under its system and values. Contrarily, Cao Cao showed his aggressive ways rather than principles while US does so in the name of principles.

US uses the International Law in three objectives: 1. To promote the democracy, peace and stability, 2. To gain its legitimacy to fight against its opponents, and 3. To To expand its power and influence further as far as possible.

Cao Cao imprisoned the king in his capital to gain his legitimacy to accuse and fight his opponents whereas US uses international law to claim its rights to do what it wishes.

Russia-NATO: What are the Courses of Tension Over Black Sea?

The Post-Cold War world was considered to be the end of the tensions and the great time of global trade. Soviet agreed to dissolved the Warsaw Pact and gave the independence to the states where it once occupied. Fukuyama wrote in his book that “the end of cold war is the end of history”. China was then permitted to join the World Trade Organization. There are two choices of US foreign policy to lead the new world: To Dissolve the military allies for mutual trust or to use its global agenda.

US decided to follow its global agenda to prevail its systems and hegemony. Russia and China was surrounded in which the competitions have arisen. After 11/9/2001, US invaded several states in Middle East and enlarged the NATO members. According to US General Wesley Clark, US planned to invade seven countries in the Middle East within 5 years.

Through its global hegemonic policy and the spread of democracy, US toppled the countries and states that opposed to subjugate to its powers.The rise of extremism and terrorism made the situation worse. The Distrustful relations between the NATO and Russia as well as China rose up. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, annexed the Crimea in 2014 to prevent the Western Expansion, and rushed to intervene the Syrian war in 2015 to push back and expanded its influence. For Russia who feel insecurity from all directions have struggled to spread its buffer zones, in which the West considers its as the attempting to rebuild the Russian Empire.

The Black Sea should be considered to be the buffer zone between the NATO and Russia. Any attempt to dominate the region will be considered by both sides as the serious threat.

China in Global Stages: Power and Ambition

David Kelly observed the development of China and categorized into seven stages which he calls “Seven Chinas”.

  1. China as the Sufficient Civilization: Henry Kissinger believes that the culture is the exceptional value of China which is used to put the world under the value “great harmony to all under the heaven”.
  2. China as the most Humiliated Nation:  China believe that it is the senior, the heaven candidates that was conquered and despised by the barbarian. The great and longest history of civilization that was full of proud was looked down bitterly and forced to abandoned and accepted the others. Xi Jinping said ““After the Opium War, China has been repeatedly defeated by countries which were smaller and less populous. Kowloon and the New Territories were then forced to leave China’s embrace at that time, (and) China’s history was full of the nation’s humiliation and the people’s sorrow.”
  1. The Leader of the Developing World: among the late developer, we lead. The competitions between the US and Soviet in the Cold War divided the world into two blocs. There was Africo-Asian conference in Bandung aimed at promoting economic and cultural cooperation and opposed to the colonialism or neocolonialism. The conference led to the non-alignment movement. China since then and until nowadays has the intention to lead them, and become the global leader at the end. Addressed to the UN, Deng show the intention to oppose the two superpowers and want to lead the developing world “The whole world is in turbulence and unrest. The situation is one of “great disorder under heaven,” as we Chinese put it. This “disorder” is a manifestation of the sharpening of all the basic contradictions in the contemporary world. It is accelerating the disintegration and decline of the decadent reactionary forces and stimulating the awakening and growth of the new emerging forces of the people”.
  2. China as the Champion of Plurality: We end the era of the western and American hegemony. The western ruled the world from the 18th to the late of 20th through colonialism. After the Second World War the world was led by bilateral superpowers, US and Soviet. The Collapse of the Soviet, the world led by only one superpower, a unilateral power US. Through its comprehensive national power, cooperation with various organizations, and the creation of various networks, as well as the rising of major powers, China is the best one that drawing the world to “multilateralism”.
  3. China as the Sovereign Survivor: leave us to survive as the communist power. The communist that was originated in Russia and them brought to establish in China was no longer survive in its homeland, but China. It survive through, different means, reform and opening up, and the adaptation of the name “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in New Era”. Beyond surviving is going to have influence. The Tiananmen Square event was the most threat to the survival of Communist but also the opportunity to “survive for long times”. Deng said “we could benefit from this incident”.
  4. China as the Last Man Standing: the west is in decline, while we have deep pocket. In the Moa’ Era China economy was very bad through the continuous revolutions. Deng then focused on the economic development “to be rich is Glorious”. The two systems, reform and opening up, and the state-enterprises help China grows rapidly and suffered little from the 2008 global economic crisis.
  5. China as the Herald of The High Frontier: we share and safeguard the global commons. Xi Jinping declared China enter the New Era and promises to take more responsibility, support the UN, proposed the new type of major powers relations, and proposed the ideas of the community of shared future of mankind.

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China: Who and What Made China so Powerful?

China can stand strongly and firmly in the international stages as the second largest economy in the world as it is today is because of the Communist party. Without the Communist Party, China would end up under the western interference and occupation. Remember! China was forced to accept the opium to corrupt its own people and homeland by the west. From then on, China had been weaker and weaker into the century of humiliation, the sick man of Asia.

Only Socialism with Chinese Characteristics that is the most suitable for China. For instance, the Republic of China (1912-1949) was the worst history of China. The People and nation were exploited by corrupted misters, unable ministers, rich peoples, and betrayed their homeland for the benefits that baited by foreign countries.

Today . China is one of the largest countries with its ​ 9,596,961 squares kilometers, the population of 14.11 billions, 22 provinces, and 56 minorities that speak different languages. Without the strong leadership of Communist Party, China will be divided and separated into the great unrest and felt down.

The Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has its pragmatical practices to serve the people and national interest according to its realities. From Chairman Mao to Deng, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and until President Xi Jinping China has its clear vision to be the prosperous and most powerful by 2049. China becomes stronger and stronger.

Democracy is the very good form of government , but it also will be harmful if it is forced to be accepted. Democracy is not only the ordinary principles that can provide the basic values of human right and freedom, but it also can kill the peoples.

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Barack Obama, the author of A Promised Land, commented On George Floyd

George Floyd was murdered one year ago today. Since then, hundreds more Americans have died in encounters with police—parents, sons, daughters, friends taken from us far too soon. But the last year has also given us reasons to hope. Today, more people in more places are seeing the world more clearly than they did a year ago.

It’s a tribute to all those who decided that this time would be different—and that they, in their own ways, would help make it different. When injustice runs deep, progress takes time. But if we can turn words into action and action into meaningful reform, we will, in the words of James Baldwin, “cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it.”

Barack Obama, according to his words, felt that the injustice among the racism in the US is still so deep. The US, as the leader of the liberal world, has to reform and take immediate actions. US cannot teach the world about the liberty, freedom, justice, if you are yourself are doing it. Nothing would destroy the US, but its internal matter of racism that has long been promoted.

US-China: Strategic Scenarios Over Taiwan and Leadership

War is a race to the bottom, and if the bottom is hell, the US has long-held diplomatic relations there with its leaders. China has nothing to gain from such a war. The US, however, viewing the long game has calculated that by opposing China and containing her rise, she will preserve her hegemony and privileges around the world.

For the primary superpower and predominant military force in terms of technology and equipment. America is well suited to fight and win conventional engagements against all and any opponent. China’s best chance of giving them pause is to present the clear prospect of world war which will reach the US population at home.

This common understanding of mutually assured destruction is what preserved the peace with the USSR/Russia for decades. The underlying difficulty with this communication, however, is that the buying public of these potentially (to be nuked) nations will be turned off of buying Chinese made products. Which would result in containing China’s economic growth, and prolong the US’s economic monopoly. It’s a hard game that must have layers of struggle.

China must be prepared to fight and win this hybrid war with the West. I’m not sure exactly when the West will push for the advantage, but when they have completed their preparations and gathered as much overwhelming force as required to defeat China’s navy. They will instruct Taiwan to declare independence.

Then the ball will be on China’s side to respond… Unless China gets Russia involved, she will lose. (Russia has to be the messenger of nuclear annihilation and red lines, not China). The whole world is already used to this and this message will not change the status quo). Russia is currently being wooed by the US and offered some concessions to keep out of their business with China… Russia is an ally, but she will seek her own interests first, so this scenario is unpredictable…

China is catching up, but she is not ready for conventional war with the US as yet. The US knows this, so the window of opportunity is closing. China also understands its position and this is why it is working hard to modernize, train and develop its defenses. It will not be an easy fight, but it should become obvious to most that the US is psychopathic and very tolerant of death and destruction

US-China: the War Seems Unavoidable Over Taiwan

The word ” Independence means war ” and “Taiwan is inseparable ” are the clearest messages from Beijing to Taiwan and the world, especially the US and its allies. For Beijing , China is able to bear any burden and pay any price for a unified China. Whoever wish to separate Taiwan from China will be punished severely in term of economy and military.

The US and its allies has tried to keep the current political status-quo that China would not be able to surpass it in term of military and geopolitical power in Pacific and in the world. Therefore, to keep Taiwan and China separating is the most important tool to prevent China from surpassing. US adopts the policy of ” ambiguity ” in from of China and Taiwan”.

That is to prevent Taiwan from declaring independence and to deter China from invading. Therefore, selling the big amounts of weapons to Taiwan and support it in term of diplomacy are the best ways for US.

However, the US and its allies should be clear that ” China is ready to unified even it has to go to war with US and its allies”. Within the minutes of Taiwan declaration, all air and navies as well as major weapons will be heading forward to Taiwan from China. China has to fight and finish off the issue.

Would China go to war with US if it go to help Taiwan? Absolutely. China has never been fearful of US. US have to remember that ” China fought and forced US to negotiate in Korean war 1950-1953″. At that time, China was too weak. However, China went to war with the most powerful nuclear country whom shocked the world by bombing Japanese cities. Later on, China also helped Vietnam to bog US down in the second Indochina war.

China was not a powerful nation at that time. In term of military, it had no nuclear and modern weapons. In term of economy, it was the poorest. But in term of strategic and psychological power, both US and Soviet were unable to defeat China.

Over last four decades, US has gone to war with many countries and toppled down many leaders but what has China done. Bowed it head down and developed its capacity to reach what Xi Jinping calls ” Fight and Win”.

In order to reduce its threat and direct confrontation with China, US uses its traditional strategy of ” gathering most of the men to the place of confrontation first”. Therefore, the US is calling ” Hey, all allies, Japan, Australia, US, and others, come here to counter China”.

It seem very boastful to say that China, however, will be able to handle this strategy and unify Taiwan. China now is the biggest market of the world and the second biggest both in terms of military spending and economy.

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The US and China Strategies: A2 VS A2

US and China are the two greatest powers with the greatest potentialities of this century. They are also the greatest competitors...