Russian-Ukrainian War: What NATO Expects from Sanctions?


Through continuous sanctions and massive transfer of money and weapons from the West, to help Ukraine against Russia, perhaps:

1• Trying to prolong the war to make sure that Russia will vastly cost in terms of lives and economy, and NATO can use the CIA to cooperate and urge Russian people to protest against Putin, then topple him.

2• If Putin can’t resist to this sanctions and lose of controlling his temper and decide to use nuclear, or declare a world war against the sanctions, NATO expected that the Russian internal disputes will be extremely fractured. Some of generals will betray Putin. (lead to assassination?)

3• It is also a warning and deterring to China to see what if it invade Taiwan. Otherwise, before the peaceful talk be achieved, NATO wants to put Russia and Ukraine into the great destruction to provoke the permanent adversary among the two countries.

The West is taking advantage by taking the photos of the drowning-Ukraine and showing the world how merciful the west is and how brutal Russia is.

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