Russian Political Road map and Geopolitics


In 1997, Russian strategic thinker Aleksandr Dugin wrote the book for geopolitical map for Russia which was entitled “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia”. The book was used among the Russian politicians and military as well as elites. They also stated that the book would “serve as a mighty ideological foundation for preparing a new military command”. The book explains the strategies and the geopolitics that Russia has to do to become the most powerful as follows:

          -Reduce the influence of Atlanticism in the Eurasia, and reestablish its power through building the alliances and annexations.

          -Refuse the liberal values and Atlanticism, and anti-US domination of the world. That is the attempt to end America’s unipolar world.

          -Russia has to destabilize, spread the disinformation, and use its natural resources and gas to put the pressure on other countries.

          -Germany should dominate the Central and Eastern Europe again.

          -France should cooperate with Germany for rejection of anti-Atlanticist tradition. These two countries should be stronger in Europe.

          -Britain must be separated from Europe.

          -Reunited some countries with Russia such as Romania, Macedonia, Serbian Bosnia and Greece, and the Ukraine has to be annexed by Russia.

          -China will pose the threats to Russia. So, must separate Tibet, Xinjiang and Manchuria from China and use these separated as well as Mongolia as security belt. The small China should has influence on Cambodia, Philippine, Indonesia, and Australia. It is the attempt to reduce the China’s power and influence.

          -Russia should bait Japan with Kuril Islands for Anti-America. The Japan will be stronger for containing China but far weaker that Russia. However, how can Russia apply the strategies successfully? Each country has its own strategies.

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