Russia starts to produce anti-covid-19 Vaccine


After successfully registered, Russia is now starting to produce its vaccine because it earn many foreign countries support and demand. The vaccine is named Sputnik V which the same to the great Russian Satellites which was launched in 1957. In order to earn trust internationally, health minister of Russia said that the vaccine will first vaccinate the Russian and then will offer to abroad. Moreover, one of president Putin’s daughters was also vaccinated. In order to show his strong support of this great achievement of Russia, the president of Philippine Duterte announced that he would like to be vaccinated first. what does this vaccine mean for Russia? He who can able to research successfully on anti-covid 19 vaccine is a hero of the world. That why most of the powerful countries are spending huge amount of money in racing to research for the vaccine. The winner is the hero. The loser is still trying to make a better one and reject the result that was found by others. Until now, there are no less that 20 countries that order to purchase the vaccine for Russia. It is should be noticed that the corona now infected over 20 millions 20 worldwide.

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